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    Need help forming an LLC with a Foreign co-founder

    fzstevens Adventurer



      I have been working on a video game and software developement company with a co-founder in Albania. The business model has been revenue-share, but we are starting to get out of that, and move to paid employees. To do this, we are going to need to form the company as an LLC where each of us co-owns the business.


      I live in New York, so I would prefer that the company was a US LLC, to make it easier to get investors, do accounting, and hire employees. My co-founder in Albania, wants the company to be a registered Albanian SH.K.M LLC. 


      Is it possible to co own a business togther internationally? Which would be better, an Albanian LLC or US LLC? Is it possible to make two separate Companies and joint them?


      Thank you for the help!

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          Moderator Cath Guide

          Hi fzstevens,


          And welcome to our community.  We are pleased that you found us and decided to join our community.


          In response to your question, no doubt some of our members will join in and share their advice with you.  My best advice to you would be to make an appointment with your attorney and discuss this matter with her/him.  And if you do not have an attorney, then this would be a good time to find one.  They would be able to look at the big picture with you and help you make a decision.


          Perhaps your co-founder is doing the same.  Then the two of you could have an informed discussion and decide on the best for your company.


          Best wishes,