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    Andrew Charlton: Shares about Progress and Planet

    Andrew Charlton Adventurer

      Andrew Charlton attended the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference as a Senior Official representing Australia, when he was a senior advisor to then-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. The summit appeared to be unable to accomplish anything meaningful, when he was called to a late-night meeting that might pull a victory from the jaws of defeat.


      “There was no lavishly adorned conference table for the leaders,” he later wrote of that after-hours meeting. “No concentric circle of advisors, attendants and security. No simultaneous translators.” Instead, he wrote, “leaders hunched in plastic chairs around a rectangle of contiguous small tables. The scene looked more like a crowded primary-school classroom than a global summit freighted with the hopes of the world.”

      Ultimately, that late-night meeting accomplished nothing. “There had been no miracle,” Andrew Charlton wrote. “A short face-saving statement was all that was salvaged from the wreckage.”


      The Copenhagen Climate Change Conference in 2009 had been billed as the “summit to save the world.” More than one hundred heads of state, including Australia’s Rudd and U.S. President Barrack Obama, were in attendance, along with countless negotiators. “How,” Andrew Charlton wondered, “with the best of intentions, with the world watching, could something so important go so wrong?”

      There appeared to be plenty of blame and no shortage of answers, “but few of them were satisfying.” The fundamental problem was not with any particular nation or alliance. “The deal broke down because Copenhagen exposed the central dilemma of our century: the choice between progress and planet.”




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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Very interesting comments  from Andrew Charlton.

          I am very interested in Climate Change, ever since Al Gore talked about it.

          Climate change is and will affect many of us in the business community.

          Here in the U S , we are seeing warmer weather, more severe weather from

          fires, landslides, sink holes and even wear and tear in our infrastructure.

          As Andrew pointed out there is plenty of blame and no shortage of answers.

          Down the road, this will cost us (the business owners) more and more.

          Now is the time to plan.


          Good luck, LUCKIEST