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    LUCKIEST Guide

      One of the BIGGEST mistakes business owners make is they put one of the most

      important tools for growing their business in someone else hands.


      Their WEBSITE.


      Most of the time the webmaster you hire does not really understand

      how your business actually works. His (or her) goal should be to get you more clients,

      sell more products and build your reputation.

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          Moderator Ilona Ranger

          Most people do not know how to design their own website, so they have to rely on others to do it for them. What would you suggest LUCKIEST?



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            orbital config Tracker

            I have done a couple of websites, I am not a master, as in the programming of it, but I have done them basic, they get the point across, they tell what you offer, they show pictures of the work, they explain the customers personality, and we post a lot of good reviews. The point of them is if all of them are good trust can start, but if there is some bad ones it tells me your just human.


            I agree Luckiest if it is a "WEB MASTER" he/she should know all in's and out's and be very well rounded in all sorts of businesses. Understand the "hook" I call it if someone does click on your site. I understand this but I like the front end and back end of advertising a product.


            I have done some websites and they are straight forward, easy to use, user friendly, I make mine like this because it is what I want searching for the are of need. (of course it all depends on the product or if it is a store.)


            Doing this is when I realized again that the owner is good at what he does, same with the sales man, etc. The owner may only be good at business, and succeed, not really have the vision an artist may see.



            Have a great day

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                Moderator Rebecca Guide

                Great points!  it's important that a business gives their webmaster and/or designer all the information that they can.  Things such as your company's marketing and promotional materials - basically anything that you already have in which your business is mentioned or promoted are provided to make sure your webmaster/designer understands your business and makes sure that your website complements other marketing strategies.sign continuity.


                But, don't rely on the webmaster or designer alone.  It's equally important that a business owner stay involved and communicates on a regular basis with their webmaster/designer.  Only through a collaborative effort will you be happy with your website, and hopefully the results.  Also, never relinquish total control to a webmaster.  After all it's YOUR website, YOUR business and YOUR reputation at stake.