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    Attracting Customers to my Web site.

    chinadave Scout

      I have had a web site on the internet almost from the first day.  I am a Tour Operator to China and Tibet.  Business was great in the early years with so little competition on the net but it is very crowded now of course.  I was on the first page of Google for over a year before they started the Per Click charge of 35 cents.  Now for the good Search words like   Tours to China   it is over $6 to $7 or more per click.  Not good for a small operator of 23 years.  I started a blog which has been very helpful linking it to my web site.  Other than that the only thing I have used are the cheapie submissions to all the Search Engine companies.   Any suggestions will be appreciated.  Dave from Seattle

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          Moderator Rebecca Guide

          Hi Dave!  Welcome to our forum.  You've asked a great question that has many small business owners scratching their heads... How to get more clicks and visitors to your web site.  Steve Strauss,  one of the world's leading experts on small business, has written a great article with some tips you may find helpful: 7 tricks for pay-per-click.  We've also had some great conversation on a similar thread that you might enjoy at How to get advertisers for Travel Blog

          Feel free to include a link to your blog and website so that we can see what you are currently doing and what tips our members may have that will help. 

          Please keep us up to date on how things are going for you, I'm sure you will find some great advice from our community members once we know more about your current business activities.  In addition, we're celebrating Small Business Week all month long and have put some great content in one place under Celebrating Small Business.  We think you'll find some helpful tips there as well. 

          We look forward to hearing back from you soon!



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            Doug Fentiman Adventurer

            Hi Dave,

            Attracting people to your website can be done a number of ways. The two main ones are paid advertising or search engine organic search. But getting people onto your website is just step one. Another often ignored marketing tool is your online customer reviews. They have become a very important aspect of marketing success.


            As you said paid advertising of any type can be expensive. Organic search is "free" but getting your listing in front of people searching for your services (SEO) is costly in the time you must invest, or to pay someone else to do it for you. Your blog is a good first step. You need to provide website content that people are searching for, and then get search engines to list that content in the top search results for related searches. Any content you can put on your website that would attract your targeted clients is good. Of course optimizing that content so search engines like it will get it in front of more people, but that also takes a lot of effort or $$.


            One of the easiest ways of improving your marketing results is building a collection of great customer reviews on a wide variety of websites. Most times you will have to ask for reviews. But it is time well spent!


            Marketing is like a three-leg chair. If any leg (marketing component) is weak, the chair (your marketing) fails...


            Three steps of productive marketing:

            1. Advertising (making people aware of your business);
            2. What you say (your website);
            3. What other people say about you (your reputation expressed in customer reviews).

            The typical marketing process is 1) people see your ad (find best place to get "in front of" your target clients and make them aware you exist); 2) they Google your business name, check out your website to see if you have what they want; 3) then they check your reputation by looking at various online, public reviews. If you look trustworthy they become a paying customer.


            So to summarize, find where your customers hang out, get their attention, tell them what you can do for them, what makes you different and so special, then support your claims to fame with great customer reviews.

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              Sameera Khan Navigator

              Have you submitted your business to the local business listing sites? Did you list your business in Google Local business? Local business listings sites are very good for small and local businesses.

              The other thing is to take best out of your website or blog. Optimize it targeted search terms related to your business services. What you can do for optimization is to add proper title, meta description, heading tags and meta keywords in website or blog. This will help in getting good search engine rankings.

              To get your website up on search engines, you must follow these strategies:


              • If your website is new then you can invest in PPC initially. This is good for the branding point of view as people will get to know about your business.
              • Create social media profiles on websites like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, G+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube etc.
              • These sites are good for finding new users and customers across the world who might be looking for the similar services offered by you.
              • Focus on building referrals: If your website or blog is new and is taking time to come up on search engines then focus on building your referral traffic. In this, one can create profiles on those websites which easily comes up on search engines and can be helpful for generating traffic and leads to you.
              • As you are running travel business then here photo sharing sites can also be helpful for you. You can share beautiful images of the locations covered by you on websites like Pinterest, WehearIt etc.


              These are some of the main activities one can do to get good traffic and generate more sales. If you are well versed with all such activities then you can do these things by yourself otherwise you can take professional help for the same. The advantage of taking professional help is that everything will be executed according to a proper plan and there will be more and sure chances to generate good customer base for your business.

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                  Moderator Rebecca Guide

                  Once again, you've hit the nail on the head, Sameera with some great advice! I especially like the idea of using the multitude of online photo sharing services available to highlight his business by sharing pictures of the great locations that his tour company visits.  Pinterest would provide the perfect environment to generate views with a little bit of promotion.  Simply having photos available on Pinterest would also drive these photos to random Google Image searches with carefully placed keywords.  Examples of which might be "China Great Wall", "Potala Police", "Mount Everest Base Camp", etc.


                  It's been awhile since we've heard from chinadave .


                  I hope he finds the advice he's been given in this thread as helpful as I have.  Thanks again for being such a great contributor to the site, Sameera!




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                  joeblyth2012 Adventurer


                  Have you thought about Googling Example Travelers to China or Tabet sites or forums? Finding people that are traveling to that region is a good way FYI

                  Joe (Droid Marketer)