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    How do I start a business?

    Tess Ter Adventurer

      How do I start a business?

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Tess. Welcome to the Small Business Community.

          We can help you get started.

          You can start by telling us more about yourself and what kind of business you want to start.

          The First Step in starting a business is writing a Business Plan (and yes we can help).

          A Bus Plan is like a road map to success.

          Good luck and stay in touch.


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            Diana Perk Tracker

            What type of business you are looking to start either online or brick mortar?If you are looking to earn online then there are lot of ways to do online business.


            Online business has become the good source of income.You need to have proper plan for marketing  to run an online business.You can :


            1.Sell handmade arts and crafts on Etsy

            2. Can offer professional services to clients around the world

            3. Sell other peoples’ products and earn a commission for each referral


            There are many different online business models but the question is which one to choose in order to reap more profit and stand among the crowd.


            Viewing this concern, investing in online marketplace for writers become better choice for aspiring webmasters. It is one of the most profitable business models of 2015 with huge growth potential.



            Here are the reasons why online marketplace for writer is perfect choice:

            1.    Writers are always in demand

            2. Never ending business



            One of the best way to start a content based ventures is with clone scripts. Instead of starting with scratch, you can use an advanced clone script ( PaperWeight) that incorporates all the required features. PaperWeight was created to help entrepreneurs who want to try their hands in content based .


            Get know more online money making business ideas

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              Sameera Khan Navigator

              Hi Tess,


              I would like you to check Yo!Deals which is also for small business aspirants who want to start their online business in less investment. Yo!Deals is daily deals website builder which offers to start daily deals website by paying a small amount of $99. Following are the unique feature it offers:


              Multi Vendor Functionality: With multi vendor daily deals store, admin can add multiple merchants in the store who can share their deals. The admin will get commission on every deal clicked and redeemed.


              Product Selling Feature: With product selling feature, one can showcase their products too in their daily deals site

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                Moderator Rebecca Guide

                Hi Tess!  Welcome to our community!  You've already received some great advice from our members, but we'd love to know what type of business you are planning on starting?   Do you have a business plan yet?  Details such as these will help our members be even more helpful.


                We look forward to hearing more from you soon on your business plans and ideas!




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                  bisoman Adventurer

                  For  me I Started my business for travel agent for Egypt tours at the beginning of my business was very difficult to start your own business but at the end you will find it  easy but you must try and try even if you failed.


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                    crifjohnson Tracker

                    Hi Tess Ter,


                    First thing, You should decide the business type you want to start based on your idea. It is a core of all start-ups. You, should start a biz. on any trending idea, in case you wish to serve the people/society you can also head towards any Non governmental Organization. which gets you to the more viewers and earn you a descent growth.

                    For any queries/question/concern feel free to discuss.



                    Crif Johnson.

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                      Moderator Cath Guide

                      Hi Tess,


                      You  have had some great feedback.  How are things going for you now?


                      Remember we are here to share our expertise - keep on reaching out it you are still needing more info.