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    Warehouse Distribution

    Keith Adventurer

      I want to begin a warehouse/order fulfillment service. My focus is providing inventory control, packaging and shipping for online retail and e-commerce stores. What are some effective strategies to find customers for my business?  I have a passion for this industry and I am excited about expanding services in the future to cross docking, additional tech-services and supply-chain solutions.

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome Keith to the Community and good luck.. Most interesting question.

          Do you want to be the next Amazon??

          Tell us more about yourself and why a Warehouse Distribution Center??

          What is your background?? Do you have a Business Plan??

          The Business Plan is like a road map from start to success, which also

          includes cash requirements. Do you have the funds??

          Do you know how much money it will take to start this venture.

          Please share more info with us.

          The more you share, the better the community can answer your questions.

          Again good luck, LUCKIEST

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            Moderator Ilona Ranger

            Hi Keith,


            Welcome to our forum. I am sure you will find some great tips and help here. As to how to find customers, have you given some thought as to how and where you want to advertise your business? You could try social media, local papers, or word of mouth. Let us know how everything is working out and good luck.



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              Ron Redlich Commercial Realtor Scout

              You asked "What are some effective strategies to find customers for my business?"


              1) Prepare a flyer.

              2) Cold call local companies that may use your services. If the proper contact is not available, hand write a note on the flyer and leave it for the contact.

              3) Follow up with a phone call.


              Good Luck

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                jerkytime Adventurer

                I would actually do exactly what you're doing now, but from the opposite side of the wall. I would go to the forums of ecommerce sites like shopify, amazon seller central, bigcommerce, etc and answer peoples questions about logistics. Become an authority and people will turn to you not only for their answers but with their money. I know we as a user of Amazon FBA and Shopify will always be interested in hearing about new potential logistics companies on the market. I would also do the same on other more generic ecommerce forums and reddit subreddits on ecommerce.