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    How to remove Ripoff Report from Google Search Result

    Diana Perk Tracker

      Most of the companies and individuals know that their online reputation depend upon the first page of the search result when people search for their name but website like ripoff report and others damaging their online reputation with false review posted by customers.

      The worst thing about ripoff report is that once negative review is published under your name or your business, it can’t be removed. The website like ripoff report has the advantage that it ranks high in search engine especially on Google.

      If you are one of the victim of internet defamation attack and someone has posted some negative reviews about you or your company on then it’s hard to delete as ripoff report has a strict policy through which it refuses to remove from its website any posting no matter how damaging it may be. The only way you’re left with is positive SEO route for reputation repair. It’s not cheap neither easy but it is a great idea because it safe you from any another future attacks on your online reputation.

      Here are few activities which you can follow to generate more positive links with high domain authority to push down negative search result.

      Focus on your website: You may already have an online presence that you can use for your benefit. You website can be your strongest assets. Your website can become a hub for linking out to materials that you wish to give weight to.

      Presence on Social profiles: Take advantage of social media sites. Set up a profile in your name on everything you can imagine from Instagram to Facebook to LinkedIn to Pinterest etc. All these social media websites are so strong that they can rank high and bury the negative search results.

      Blogging: Blogging platform like wordpress, tumblr and more have the potential to rank high in search results. Blogging give you the place to directly communicate with your audience and you can put your positive side in front of your audience.

      Create Multimedia: Creating a multimedia is also beneficial for ranking. So, make a few videos, images, PDFs, slideshows, and documents — all titled with your name or your company name. Video website like Youtube, Vimeo and others can rank high easily on search engine.

      Press Release submission: Press release can be helpful. You can write press release about yourself or for your company and submit on high authority press release website. You can write a press release about any life event, you graduated college, you started a new job etc. Press releases website has good chances of ranking high on search results.


      Use existing website: You will find there are many other positive pages ranking high for your or your company name so consider those pages to push down ripoff report in search results.


      If you follow these steps then you can surely handle your situation but it is beneficial to work with professional to assist you as it require to play the ranking game which only professionals can do. For any query feel free to ask anytime.