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    Do you have any examples of great customer service?

    michaelxh Tracker

      Hey there! I recently came across this great anecdote from this Shep Hyken interview and it got me thinking:

      I know a dentist that gives out his business card to his patients at the end of their first office visit. On the card, the dentist points out his personal cell-phone number. He tells the patient that in the case of an emergency, he is available day or night. What do you think his patients think after this experience?

      In the course of a year, he told me about 3 patients call him on his personal number. He must have 2,000 patients. In other words, he is able to offer his customer an incredible feeling of security for a relatively modest amount of additional effort.

      Do you have any great tips or tricks for how to give great customer service? More anecdotes and analogies are appreciated, of course.


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          Moderator Berta Guide

          Great anecdote, Michael!


          I personally think that we should treat others the way we want to be treated. With respect, honesty and compassion. I mean lets face it, a little kindness goes a very long way in improving the way someone thinks about you. Negativity breeds negativity so if you want positive reviews/experiences, be positive. Treat people with respect & kindness, even if they aren't treating you the same way, be kind, be respectful, be courteous. You will be appreciated in the end.