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    Is The Content You're About To Write Unique?

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      If you write a lot within your field or have to write posts based on a specific schedule, you always have moments where you have trouble coming up with an idea.

      You know your topic, but what is there you have not already written about? What is there that someone else has not already written about? How can I come up with a unique angle on the same old boring topic?

      In some industries, it can be very difficult if the topics are fairly boring to people. Some financial niches come to mind. Of course, what's boring to me may be exciting to someone else.

      You would think that in music, almost everything has been done. How would you come up with something unique in music? Take this video...




      It's different. The music may not be something that hasn't done before, but the fact it's done by senior citizens brings up a host of things. They can target new demographics and still entertain younger audiences.

      I'm sure there is something similar out there, but this caught my eye. It isn't my style of music, but I enjoyed it.

      Everyone talks about writing "original" content, but few truly seek to write "unique" content. We stay safe. # Ways to do this or that, #$%^ for dummies, the definitive guide for ^&*(, etc. etc.

      Taking the time to be unique will get you more readers. It's unique content that goes viral, not just well-written, grammatically-correct posts.

      The sheer amount of content being shared on social media makes standing out more difficult. What advice would you give for finding a way to be truly unique?

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