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    what is the best way to contact decision makers at any business

    calin60 Adventurer

      I have being in business for 3 years and business get better each year, I provide metal refinishing services on a one time basis, but I have a problem to find business with contract maintenance, which is what I need to bring a monthly revenue, which will help me to grow as a small business, my problem is to get in contact with decision maker to find maintenance contracts. Any body can give me an advice. Thank you

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          Moderator Rebecca Guide

          Hi Carlos, welcome to our forum!  You've asked an important question for a business that provides a majority of their income from initial services, as well as maintenance services.  You're correct that you need to focus on what you can do to get in front of more decision makers.  You can find some great tips in this article by our experts on the Touchpoint team that discusses how multi-channel marketing might help you reach more decision makers.  The Benefits of Multi-Channel Marketing for Small Businesses.

          Also, once you've provided your initial metal refinishing service with a customer, you may want to discuss the benefits of a maintenance contract.  You could let them know that you will prepare a no commitment custom service contract, and ask whom it should be sent to.  Sometimes, reaching a decision maker can be as easy as that!

          I'm sure our members will have some additional suggestions for you, and look forward to hearing back from you.




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              Sameera Khan Navigator

              I read the article mod_rebecca and I totally agree with you that you should use social media channels, seo, digital marketing etc to increase your customer base. All these things if managed well with proper plan and strategy can help you in getting good customer base.

              Social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and G+ can be very good if you are looking build new relationship in business. It will be good for both B2B and B2C. Along with this, if you have an online presence for highlighting your services then it will be more beneficial for you.

              Having your own website open up doors for generating direct traffic through search engines with target keywords.

              If you need any assistance regarding all this, feel free to discuss.

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              Raul Adventurer

              Hello Carlos,


              Minority owned businesses have resources for government contract jobs. Contact you local congressman or google minority owned business government contracts. Links like Minority-Owned Businesses | The U.S. Small Business Administration | can help small businesses with resources and contract bids.


              I would say you need to do all of the traditional avenues like asking for existing business clients to refer you to other business owners, print, networking events, chamber events, ribbon cuttings, city hall meetings, etc.


              You can then research where the Decision Makers you are looking to meet hang out. If they are involved with the Local Police department odds are they contribute or donate to their foundations. (eagle & badge and 1199 foundation are popular)


              If they are passionate about animals maybe they volunteer at local animal shelters.


              Mail them hand written documents.


              The way I see it there is no magic formula for success other than determination.


              The more the decision makers hear about you or see you the more likely they are to do business with you.


              Use the internet to find your ideal clients, Google their names, connect on Linkedin.


              I hope this helps but if you have any questions or need more ideas contact me anytime. Good Luck.


              - Raul


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                kristofferzar Wayfarer

                Hi Mr.Molina,


                Ive been in the telemarketing Industry for quite some time, Been selling Solar,Insurance,Marketing Services etc.. For me getting ti the rescission maker was a normal thing, Just need to get pass through the gate keeper like their secretary, cashier and so on. Remember that their job is to get people like me off Bose's case, But in time I learned that once you mastered the technique through experience then getting to the decision maker and pitching  was a daily habit of mine. Goodluck.


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                  meltel Wayfarer

                  If you know someone in the company, call them and ask if they might know who to speak with regarding the services or products you are trying to promote.  Most times, the person answering the phone will give you a name.  I get their email address also.  I'll shoot a quick email stating my proposition and I'll end by saying that I'll call them in a few days.  Cold calling is probably the least favorite task for any small business owner, but you have to do it.  Simply put, you have to pick up the phone and call.

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                    Moderator Berta Guide

                    You've gotten lots of great suggestions, Carlos. How are things going? Please keep us updated.