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    How to get start in cleaning services?

    kitti1912 Adventurer

      HI! I just start a small cleaning services business but still trying to figure out how to get clients! I ordered business cards, a magnet with nane and phone for the car, so everywhere I go people get to know. But need ideas to start and get my firt client! It is a home and office non toxic cleaning services! Any idea ???? Thank you for your help

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          Moderator Cath Guide

          Hi kitti1912,


          Welcome to our community and congratulations on your new business.  The small 'gifts' you have to give away are great ways of getting the name of your business and services out to your local community.


          I'm sure you will get some great suggestions from our members that will help you get that first client - keep watching this topic thread.


          One thing you might suggest is to have a drawing for free one-time services.  I would think you are using social media and you could invite people to join your page and make a comment.  Then at a designated date, you will have a drawing from all those who have done this to have a ONE TIME cleaning service from you.  I would suggest that you put a cap on the amount you are willing to give away, i.e. up to $ xx.xx.


          You would get some great free publicity and some lucky person would get a taste of your services and like them so much that they would return as a paying customer.\



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            csavio Adventurer

            Social Media used as a Venue (not a monolog)  is essential. Further, enhanced when used in conjunction with face-to-face meetings. Pick-up the phone. Call around asking if your target prospect would be open to allowing you 15 minutes in person to highlight your cleaning services.  Walk around and talk routinely with your area apartment managers and realtors, asking how you might get on their short-list of area cleaning companies. Offer to do Move-In's or Move-Out cleanings at a competitive price. Also tell them you could be available on short notice, if their regular cleaning services are a No-Show one day. With office cleaning; you need to keep calling on those accounts you have targeted to catch the opportunity when they might be becoming disenchanted with their present cleaning service. Non toxic cleaning services are relatively common these days. You will need to sell-in yourself as a knowledgeable, reliable cleaning service company owner. Offer to be on stand-by after any type of office party to do a quick clean-up. There a trade secret to through cleaning of public restrooms. Highlight them for your prospect by asking them to allow you a walk-through with them alongside. Those two practices are usually a good foot in the door. Good wishes.

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              JerryChau Tracker



              There is lots of free help available if you know where to look.


              1. Go to and find the district office closest to you. Scroll down to the startup guide and download it to find resource partners in your area.
              2. Request free marketing advice from resource partners or a small business development center.
              3. Load up on free, online trade magazines in your industry.


                Best wishes to you for a successful launch.

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