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    Happy Valentine's Day

    LUCKIEST Guide

      Valentine's Day is just around the corner.

      Do you have a customized email campaign primed and ready for publishing??

      There are many ways you can address this profitable holiday for your business.

      Be sure to send your creative message at an optimal time and make sure its mobile friendly.


      Happy Valentines, LUCKIEST

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          Moderator Jim Ranger

          And a happy Valentine's Day to everyone!


          Hope it is a joyous and safe one!

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              LUCKIEST Guide

              Thanks Moderator Jim.

              This is a little negative, however if you don't send messages to your subscribers

              on a consistent basic, it could spell disaster for your list.

              Your email list can end up inactive, eventually growing to ignore your messages

              altogether or unsubscribing.

              It is best to motivate readers through personalized content.



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                  Moderator Cath Guide

                  Jumping in with my $.02 - and Valentine greetings too.


                  So many of us rely on social media to communicate with our customers and potential customers.  While I miss face-to-face communication often, I think we can use social media to our advantage. 


                  I agree with Luckiest that we should personalize our content, not just send out mass mailings to your list.  I would be interested in hearing how you all manage to communicate effectively.


                  How often you you use social media to communicate?  How often is too much?  Share your to-dos and not-to-dos with the community so that we can all be better and more effective communicators.