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    Effective low cost marketing techniques

    eyelevel Wayfarer

      Hello. Iam starting an educational franchise called Eye Level Learning Center. I don't have a big budget.Can someone suggest to me low cost effective techniques that can have a better ROI. Whom should I contact for press releases, promotions. Also any suggestions for a graphics company that can produce promotional items, apparel etc. Many thanks

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          Moderator Rebecca Guide

          Hi eyelevel, welcome to our community!  Congratulations on starting your new business!  You've asked a great question that many new small business owners wonder - How can I get the most for my marketing time and dollars?  You might be interested in one of our great articles by Steve Strauss, one of the world’s leading small business experts.  In this article, Steve discusses some great and inexpensive tips for the new business owner 8 Ways to Market on a Shoestring.


          I see you're also looking for some help with design and graphics for promotional items.  Before rushing into any agreement with a designer, you may want to ensure that you have the right logo and graphics in mind for your prospective customers.  Our experts at Touchpoint have an excellent article discussing the things to keep in mind before investing in designs.  You can read more at Finding the Right Logo for Your Small Business.


          I hope you find this helpful!  I know many of our members have experienced the same questions and look forward to reading the other advice and tips you receive.


          Best of luck!


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            givegabcls Wayfarer

            We've used PR Underground twice recently to distribute press releases and they seem to be effective.  Best part is that the cost is only $39 per release for pay as you go.  They also have more robust plans if you are going to do a minimum of 3 per month I think.


            We are struggling a bit with the same questions.  We need PR & Marketing, but we don't think we should go to a firm or hire someone in-house, yet no one on our staff has any expertise.  Any suggestions?