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    Family Leave - thumbs up or thumbs down?

    Moderator Cath Guide

      Employees - would you vote for or against family leave?  If you vote for the leave, how much time away is fair for pregnancy, sickness, etc?  Should family leave for pregnancy be only for moms or for dads too?  And how long should an employee work for a company before family leave is granted?


      Employers - what do you think about family leave?  Why would you give leave or not give it?  What factors would you use to make your decision?


      Interesting topic, don't you think?  Read this article: Family Leave: How time off can bolster workers and businesses and then let us hear from you about your feelings. 


      "When workers come back, they tend to be more loyal and focused. feel greater happiness, and a resolve to do a good job." should be very integral to any consideration of family leave.


      What do you think?  Let us hear from you!