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    rasma52 Adventurer

      I am 62 - income...? can I use my IRA $ to re-star my export/import business?

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          Moderator Rebecca Guide

          Hi ramsa52, welcome to our forum!   Could you let us know what type of export/import business are you referring to? This information will be valuable to our members as they try to provide you with tips and advice on re-starting your business.  We also have several great expert articles that you may find helpful 6 tips for starting a business when you are a senior  and Unleashing Your Entrepreneurial Spirit During the Golden Years.   Be sure to browse through our forums for other informative articles regarding financing that I think you would enjoy.


          We look forward to hearing more about you and your business so that our great community members can help guide you on the way back into business.


          Best of luck to you!


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              rasma52 Adventurer

              Good Morning Rebecca:

              Regarding your question on type of export/import.... I have 30 years experience in International Business primarily in Ingredients for the food, flavor and fragrances industries.

              The family/small business that I would like to re-start was in "sleeping" mode for the last 7 years.

              I am focusing primarily in the Latin American market to take advantage of my bilingual qualifications.

              I need guidelines to get financing to avoid using my retirement funds....


              Thanks for your comments..