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      Online Vs. Offline Incentive Reward Programs

      Does anyone remember the “good old days” of rewards? There were catalogues with toasters and watches and other really great items in them. BUT as most things go, the old catalogue and warehouse method of shipping items out to participants soon became replaced by a newer, sleeker, and much more reliable and efficient method of displaying, supplying, and shipping rewards – the Internet.

      The Internet made print catalogues obsolete almost overnight. You could host your catalogue in one location and make it viewable to everyone. They could also order their rewards right then and there with no paper, no paper pusher, and no signature required. It was automated bliss. Program administrators now had time on their hands to actually manage their programs. They didn’t have to spend all of their time filling out paperwork anymore and they loved it.

      One other added benefit of hosting reward programs online was that the value these new programs presented to their participants was unmatched. The cost of rewards inevitably went down, meaning that participants’ points went further, because there were now far fewer people involved in the reward process. Leaner is greener, at least when it comes to wallets. Top it off with an outstanding new selection of rewards that was now in the millions, and you have an entirely different, albeit better, ball game. More people participate. Less people are required to manage the program. It costs less and produces more value and ROI. Who doesn’t win?

      You also can’t forget to add in the value of trackable metrics through online programs. The metrics available help you tailor and customize your program to yield maximum results. These weren’t there before as everything was traced by paper and files. Now, with the advent of the online reward program, metrics were available to simply view. There was no more digging through files. All the incentive program administrator had to was click on the reports section of their dashboard and their reports were available to view.