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    Business Startup Mentor

    bella vita Newbie

      Hello! I'm considering opening an online clothing boutique and wanted to see if anyone was willing to mentor me or give me some advice. Anyone have any experience in this?

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome bella, I would be happy and willing to mentor you.

          How do we get in touch.

          My first suggestion or advice is to write a Business Plan



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            Moderator Rebecca Guide

            Welcome to our community, bella vita!   We are glad you stopped by and think you will find a lot of great information from our members and contributors.  Luckiest is correct that the first step to a business startup is to have a business plan.  This will help you solidify your ideas, goals and objectives.   You can find our great tutorial here to get started:  The specified item was not found.


            We also encourage you to search our site for other valuable information regarding online business startups and stories and experiences from other members who have started out just like you.


            We look forward to hearing more about your ideas!


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              Sameera Khan Navigator

              Hello Bella,

                It's good to hear that you are planning to start your own online clothing boutique. mod_rebecca has shared a very good business plan guide. Every online business aspirant need such type of helpful guide when going  to start any online business.


              You have not specified any budget here that you have planned to invest in your online business. You can share your online business recommendations and ask your queries with experts who will first hear  your requirements and on the basis of that will provide you the best online business solution . Whenever I found any online business aspirant, I always preferred to have a website consultation session with them where they share all their requirements, expectations and budget from their online business as these are very important to know. These things will help in making a good and effective online business solution. You can share your query with me in comment below and ask for request a quote if you are interested.


              Thanks & regards,

              Sameera Khan

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                mazhar Adventurer

                Hi bella, Great that you want to start online store. As per my experience, you need following to succeed in any online business.


                1. A unique reason for your users to buy your product and come back again. This will also help you to spread the word.

                2. Proper SEO or PPC or both to reach your buyers when they are searching for your products.

                3. Technically strong website to complete online transaction on your website and secure your site from hackers.

                4. Payment gateway integration to handle all types of payments for your customers. As i said in the first point, having a complete product gives a reason for your customers to come back to your website again, here is an example inline with this strategy, BankSwiftIfscCode, the online tool has over 140K records in the database. All are searchable with a nice widget. The site deals with all ifsc codes and swift codes information for all banks including Bank of America. That way, it is useful to the users looking for branch information.


                Note that above tool provides bank information for free. Having some thing of value at free of cost will always improve your brand value and visibility on the long run.


                If you have answers to these questions, then you are pretty much done with your plan.