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    Need help naming my business

    JDecker Wayfarer
      I am in the planning stages of opening up my ecommerce website, which is a paintball product retailer. I'm looking for a name, though. The name I came up with has already been registered domain-wise, so I'm back at the start.

      I'm looking for a memorable but short name, that also gets across that I'm a paintball retailer. I'm looking for an experiential name as well as a functional/descriptive name.

      If anyone knows of any business name developers I can go to as well that doesn't charge alot, that would be tremendous. I'm looking to keep my costs as low as possible (I totally radical idea I know!) and would like to spend as little as possible, if at all, in my business name development.

      Any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          Here's a link to an article "Winning the Name Game" that may be helpful to you (the host site is a sponsored community somewhat like this one).

          I know that there are some inexpensive (< $25) software packages out there that generate a list of potential business names based on key words you enter. Some even check the availability of the name you choose against various databases. I've never used one of these packages, but maybe someelse has and could offer an opinion.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            There is a lot of room for personal and professional creativity when choosing a business name.
            Pick a winning name for your business. Choose a name that will identify your company's product and service.
            Your first proposed business name available was NOT available. Can you change the first part of the name??
            What happens if you spell the name backwards??
            Great suggestion - - Have you looked in the yellow pages of the phone book or maybe an out of town
            phone book from a large city like New York, Chicago, or L A??
            How will the business name look on your business card.
            Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              batchblue Wayfarer
              How about PaintPoint? Unfortunately is taken but is available through Go Daddy for the low low price of $9.99 a year. You could do some cute stuff with graphics and logos with that name. Just an idea - pretty good for free and before coffee I think :)

              You'll want to test any name with potential customers and friends/family though to make sure it resonates. Also helpful if it gives an idea what your business is: though not always true it seems like in your case it would be. Good luck!
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                DomainDiva Ranger
                You can develop your own name by modeling it.

                Get a piece of paper and in the middle draw a large circle; write down what the business concept is. Then draw lines out put a circle at the end of the line and write descriptives and any other things you can think of each in a different circle. You will then have a visual picture of your business in front of you as well as buzz words and concepts. Good luck.
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                  wealthpro Wayfarer
                  Naming a business is a tough one.

                  Since it sounds like your going to be doing most of your business online, then a domain name that reflects the store name might be good.

                  I agree with the above poster about GoDaddy. I have purchased all of my domains through GoDaddy. I do use a different service to find available domain names though. The web site is It seems to generate more alternatives when you put in key words. Just be careful, sometimes it will say that a really good domain is available, but there will be an extra letter or a missing letter in the name.

                  Good luck!

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                    dazzler Wayfarer
                    JDecker, can you please tell me what a "paintball retailer" is? I am assuming it is a round product (like a shell) full of paint that explodes, for guns...that they play the shooting games with?

                    I would be careful what you end up choosing as your business name. Only because later on, you may want to expand and grow. If you choose something today like for i.e. "Paintball Ammo" or "Paintball Splash", what will happen in a year from now, let's say - - -if you want to sell these cool, cutting edge kites that are the hottest rage?

                    Probably silly advise.....but I would be inclined to use part of your name, like "Decker Family Fun" or "", etc.
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                        JDecker Wayfarer


                        You are right on, paintball is shooting the other team with a small ball of paint with a paintball gun.


                        I've been contemplating the issue you brought up regarding possible expansion in the future, but I feel right now I'd like a memorable, yet descriptive business name that customers will know what I offer and will be interested in learning more.


                        Also, my target market wouldn't be attracted to a generic "Decker Paintball Store" kind of name, their attention is grabbed by a flashy, memorable name, so I'm not too sure a generic name would suffice. looks to be one of my biggest competitors, and they have a very attention-grabbing name.


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                            AscendedGames Newbie
                   sounds to me more like a wilderness-survival tour company. Nothing says 'paintball supplies' to me with that one. They must make up for it with heavy advertising or word of mouth from loyal customers. Something has to be making up for the lack of connection to paintballs (besides google).

                            How about... (I checked and its available). Rolls off the tongue and doesn't make you guess what you have to sell. Naming the business is probably the hardest thing you will ever do. Good luck and have fun!
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                          Lighthouse24 Ranger

                          I was guest lecturing, and just for fun, tossed your question to a group of students -- they came up with:




                          Their visual concept was the word "Agg" (meaning "ultra cool" in paintball lingo) in sort of a paintball gun shape followed by an ellipsis (that dot-dot-dot punctuation mark) in the form of multicolored paintball splatters. In the accompanying animated logo, the three splats appeared in succession with a "pop-pop-pop" sound.

                          The concept definitely ties to paintball, but also lends itself to any related business expansion. The downside is that the term is trendy, so the name may have a short life-span or become too generic to successfully protect.

                          I only guest lecture like this on rare occasions, and your issue happened to fit perfectly with the lesson I was trying to demonstrate this morning -- but watching the students work the problem made me realize that anyone out there who is looking for marketing ideas that will appeal to young consumers might consider contacting the professors at your local community college or university. Many may be willing to use your challenge as an exercise for their students.
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                            BullsEye Newbie
                            Just five minutes at my registrar trying different combinations yielded these possibilities - all available as of this writing:


                            Finding available domain names is easy. Just play with it.

                            Cheers from sunny Japan,
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                              WEBillions Adventurer
                              Here is a good article about coming up with at name:


                              Also, do your homework. You can learn a lot about what your customers are searching for by going to In step 1, put brainstorming. In step 2, put yahoo keyword selector. Then, try a simple keyword like paintball to see what your customer want to find. This will also help you find the right keywords for your website.
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                                JavaJoe Wayfarer
                                A lot of great suggestions in the forum! After you narrow down you top choices, I think it would be a good idea to actually get some feedback from others in the paintball business or people who play paintball. Maybe you can actually go to a physical paintball recreation center, and talk to a few people and see what type of reaction you get to your top names. Sure, there are a lot of fancy firms out there that specialize in name testing, surveys, etc. But, nothing more direct than simply asking your potential customer base. In addition to naming your business - don't forget about the logo! That's important too!
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                                  E5C4P3 Newbie
                                  I have played alot of paintball and if I was going to have a business to do with that
                                  I would call it

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                                    CEO Space Scout
                                    If you had a name picked out and the ONLY reason you are using it is because the domain is taken, I would suggest you reconsider it.

                                    With proper SEO, you can get any site high in certain key words regardless of the actual domain name.

                                    To prove it, I took some very highly over used online names and created a domain with it, marketed it
                                    with only free or very low cost ways online (ok this takes some time but at lease little or no money)
                                    and then only used the money the site made to increase marketing.

                                    I did that starting on March 23, 2007 and today, that site makes thousands a month on auto pilot.

                                    Then some people didn't think this could work consistently so I contacted 5 friends of mine and did the same exact thing in their varied businesses and got positive results.

                                    I want to add.....I am not an SEO consultant so I am not looking for clients or anything.

                                    I don't do that for pay. I just like to show people what works and won't promote anything until
                                    I have done it myself over a period of time.

                                    So, back to you......I would suggest you take your main idea and tweak the domain name.

                                    For example, my first one was Multiple Streams of Income and every variation of that in .com format was taken so I did it with a "your" in front and separated by dashes....your-multiple-income-streams.

                                    It is a .com but I don't want to post the whole domain name here, just giving the example.

                                    Maybe you could try something like that. Also, every step I did is on that site for free.

                                    You can even get the free web site on that site.

                                    Good luck.
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                                      aallc01 Wayfarer
                                      Selecting a name is an important part of your business. It must be something you and your clients can identify with. Take the name you used and was taking and look through a dictionary or a thesaurus for synonyms that get the same message across. Also consider actions you want your clients to feel and use those words or synonyms.
                                      You can do this part! What was he name that was already taking?
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                                          BullsEye Newbie
                                          CEO Space is right. Just grab a reasonably good name and get started.In fact, get several names. The other posters to this thread have already amply demonstrated that lots of names are still available.

                                          This thread started back on October 17th, last year. That's now three months. If you haven't been able to pick a name in that amount of time, then maybe you're just kidding yourself about wanting to build a company. We see it all the time... somebody says they want to start a business, but they hang back on every tiny decision point, delaying, afraid something'll be wrong with each choice they make. They want guarantees that it'll be perfect before taking any action at all.

                                          Several studies have identified a common characteristic of successful people -- they make decisions quickly then change them slowly, if at all. Those same studies, however, noted that UNsuccessful people are the opposite. They make decisions with agonizing slowness and change them at the slightest provocation. It appears that the successes make a decision based on the best available information, then through sheer force of determination, they MAKE that decision work, through flexibility, energy and grit.

                                          The people who insist that you must pick a "keyword relevant" domain name usually don't have a good explanation for the huge successes of Google, Yahoo, Amazon or eBay. Those names are essentially meaningless, yet they're known all around the world. Stop worrying so much about names and put your main attention on action, progress toward a goal.

                                          So get into motion. Then stay in motion. Get advice, sure, but make sure it's from people who know what they're doing, who have already done what you want to accomplish. Once you've got the advice, make sure you know what it means, then go act on it. Put it into play. And don't stop.

                                          Do it now.

                                          Cheers from sunny Japan,