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    Looking for work

    Vern Adventurer

      Hi Every body,

      I am looking for work. Being out of work for sometime, and have

      tried everything, but nothing that is permanent.

      Can any one help? I know this is web request, so if any one has

      a work from home, that can be done on line please let me know also.

      Thanks. Desperate.

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          Moderator Cath Guide

          Welcome Vern,


          Possibly someone may be able to point you towards some work.  But we would like to know a little about you and your skills? 


          Would you like to tell us about your work history? 

          What part of the country are you living? 

          Do you have a resume prepared?

          You mentioned a work at home job.  Are you limiting yourself to that?



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              Vern Adventurer

              I was a  unit Secretary for 11 years, and I worked as a Customer Service from home in a call center setting. I did Telemarketing, Lead Generator from home.

              I am not only open for work from home, but because this is an online gathering, someone might have or know of work that can be done from home. I am open to work from any where.

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                  Moderator Rebecca Guide

                  Hi Vern, as you probably already know, there are a lot of work at home scams and schemes out there that you need to be careful not to fall prey to.  As the old adage goes, if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is.  That being said, many more companies, both small and large, are looking for work at home employees or contractors to help them cut down on office overhead.


                  My suggestion to you would be to network in social communities, and if necessary even knock on some doors of small businesses to get started.  Don't discount community event and volunteering opportunities either.  You will make valuable contacts and experience that may lead to future paid work down the road.


                  These are just several ideas that come to mind, I am sure our knowledgeable members will come up with many more for you!




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                whogotnextshow Adventurer

                Well if you can send people to a website I will hire you to do that. Let me know