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    New Online Business

    Nette Wayfarer

      I'm the owner of an online business ( since February 2014. Can anyone give me some ideals to get customers to purchase items from my website. I have hired an online marketing firm which has help.  I now have a fairly large amount of traffic going to my website. However, know one had made a purchase.  I also have a ebay store and it seem that my sales have pickup on ebay since starting my online business. My website links you to my ebay store. not sure if that's a good idea.   I welcome any feedback that gets my business earning cash!!




      my website:


      Thank in advance

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          Moderator Rebecca Guide

          Hi Nette, welcome to our community!   You've asked a great question that many people experience when first starting up an online commerce website.  It is possible that your link to your eBay site may be drawing sales away from your online site, because of the impression that prices may be lower on eBay, especially if you list with auction style listings instead of Buy It Now.  However, a sale is a sale, and it's great that you have the traffic flowing even if it is just to refer others to your eBay site.


          We have a current discussion from another member with a similar question that you will find some great information in.  While all of it will not apply to your specific business, much of it will.  Feel free to browse this thread, and jump in with any questions of your own: Why isn't anyone buying from my website?.


          We have many helpful members in this forum who will be glad to offer additional advice to you.  Please browse our expert articles and other discussions for some great tips.


          Best of luck to you,


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            whogotnextshow Adventurer

            One excuse me for saying this but that online marketing company is not good at all if you have not receive a sale yet. However I can help you by giving you revenue for your traffic or helping you market your website in your niche to boost up your sales count or your money back. Just let me know I will be posting a few posts on this forum and answering questions all today.

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              jaynorth Tracker

              Well promoting business through social media sites is usually a good tactics for a new found business, which further helps in increasing demand of the product or brand value in the market. I believe you should stick to this plan till the time your business is not something to reckon with.

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                Hi Nette!


                Have you been reading all this guidance being offered?  Let us know how you are doing !  Keep the community updated!