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    Why isn't anyone buying from my website?

    hevora Adventurer

      Hi all,


      Just launched I feel like I've put a lot of work into my website and currently in the marketing phase. I have not received one order yet and it is really bumming me out.


      I know it's still early especially since I'm only in my second week live and still working out the bugs but It's a lonely venture and I've already plunged a lot of time and money into it and have a google adwords campaign that's just not paying out at $10.00 daily.


      my social media campaign is on its way and in between pricing edits.

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          seoservicepro Ranger

          Don't depend entirely on PPC. Organic SEO and Social Media will help you get more of the right traffic. Content Marketing will help you do both of those things.


          About Your PPC


          Did you set up just one ad group or several? Not ads. Ad groups.


          Divide your list of keywords into groups with very similar key phrases in each. Create ads for each group that uses some of those keywords. If your ad closely matches what the user typed in, your click-thru rate will be higher and more targeted.


          Your ads in each group should land the user on the page associated with that set of keywords.


          It's a flow. User types in key phrase. User sees an ad that closely matches what they searched for. User lands on a page that has exactly what they were searching for.


          About Your SEO


          Are you using the descriptions the manufacturer or drop-shipper gave you or did you write unique titles and descriptions? Unique is better.


          You could improve the urls, rather than say summer-2014-collection, something that mentions the product name/s like you did with jean leggings. With solid leggings instead of just the word solid for example.


          You don't need to keep repeating your domain name throughout the website. It isn't about you. Tell them why what you are offering is right for them rather than these such and such's are a steal from Talk to them if you you want to convert sales.


          Title Tags; You shouldn't use your title tags to once again repeat your domain name the same way you do throughout your website. You need a unique title for each page. It needs to contain a key phrase, but also something that will encourage a click-thru when found in the search engine. No more than 7 words and then only if they are short and to the point. Make sure it is exactly what's on that page.


          Description Tags: Once again, you don't have to repeat your domain name in all your description or even ANY of them. Original descriptions for each page. Write an actual description of what is on that page.


          Most of the SEO done so far is basically using as the primary key phrase you want to rank for. Make the website about the people that visit it and not about you to improve sales. Don't feel alone. This is the most common mistake people make.


          If categories and other things result in duplicate content on some pages, read up on canonical links and how to exclude certain links from being crawled/indexed.


          There's more about SEO, but these are a good start.


          About Your Social Media


          You should use Instagram and Pinterest more, then Twitter and FaceBook too. Soon, Twitter will have a way to buy stuff from tweets. FB Ads are cheaper than Adwords and may even work better for you. Twitter Website Cards too.


          Your popup says; "Like us and Get 10% off! Follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook, G+ or LinkedIn and get a 10% discount coupon code now! Don't forget to sign up for our monthly newsletter for more specials."


          There is no link to LinkedIn or G+ Pages. Follow on Twitter is linked, Like on FB is Linked, but the icons above those links should lead to your profiles there rather than like or follow.


          Do you have a company page on LinkedIn? Not your personal profile, a company page. Do you have a business page on G+ and the others?


          Those all should open in a new window. Never send people from your website to social media is my advice, but if you are going to do it, don't let it close your website to do so.


          You did open new pages on your other social icons, but why a camera icon for twitter?


          Social Media can bring in some good traffic if you read up on how to use it well. There's a learnign curve, but welcome to doing business online.


          Here are a couple of articles to read.


          Why Aren't My Web Pages Generating Leads? | LinkedIn


          Is Your Website Focused on Generating Leads and Sales? | LinkedIn


          Why Aren't You Using The Power of 3? | LinkedIn

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              hevora Adventurer

              Thank you. that is a lot of information of which I will take into consideration and make changes from.


              I definitely will be tuning up my on-site SEO


              I have not added my own personal description to the products of which I will asap and address the repetitive self-promotion within product descriptions and page titles as well as adding G+ and Linked In


              I will also consider doing a FB ad campaign.


              i'll dig up some info on canonical linking as suggested and read up on some of the suggested material. whatever it takes.


              Thank you for taking your time to my matter..

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              seoservicepro Ranger

              Forgot to Add


              Content Marketing


              Install a WordPress Blog and start writing posts, interesting stuff, with images.


              Strangest Leggings I've Ever Seen.


              Sexiest Leggings I've Seen.


              Why the Sudden Trend for Meggings?


              What the Hell are Jeggings?


              Real Men Wear Meggings


              The 5 Best Brands of Leggings


              7 Reasons Why Men Wear Meggings


              You get the idea. Create titles that people will likely click on. Write good content. Talk to the reader, not about you and your website. Add Images of people wearing the leggings or the leggings themselves, let those images link to where they can be bought.


              You aren't creating a catalog here. Don't add a bunch of your images from your website. A couple is okay. At the bottom of your post, create a link to a category that the reader would be interested in after reading your post.


              Share those posts on social media from time to time. Each can be shared once in awhile. Do not share the same post over and over and on the same day. Make sure you are also sharing other content from the web that your target audience will be interested in, not just your own stuff.


              These posts will also help you with SEO. Content Marketing is the key to highly-targeted traffic and sales if done right. It isn't easy to get people's interest with all of the content that gets published out there, so you'll have to work at it if you want more sales.

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                Moderator Rebecca Guide

                Hi hevora - Welcome to the community!  You've already received some excellent advice and resources from , and I encourage you to read those LinkedIn articles for some great information.  I might suggest you edit your subject line to "Why isn't anyone buying from my website?"  to draw more feedback from our helpful members.  I definitely agree with seoservicepro that the links in your popup should lead to your specific profiles.  This will give you more exposure, as well as click-thru traffic, which is important.


                We encourage you to browse our community, articles and discussion areas to garner more great information.  Feel free to jump in where you can lend advice or ask any questions you may have.


                Best of luck with your online store!


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                  Marketing Guy Adventurer

                  Hi Hevora,


                  I noticed an issue with your shopping cart system.  In the example below when clicking on the item to add to the cart, is says "Default Title - $3.25".  I think this is supposed to be your shipping charge, however it is not displaying correctly.  People will be very hesitant to order from you if there is an error in your shopping cart system.


                  Default Title.jpg


                  Hope this helps.

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                    Nette Wayfarer

                    Thank you!!!  . Ms. Nette

                    Lewis boutique


                    I not sure why know one purchased any items fro my website.  I have a good amount of traffic. could someone take a look at my  online boutique. and provde me with feedback or changes you feel may be needed.


                    Thanks in advance!!

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                        seoservicepro Ranger

                        Will do my best to get to it. Just a little swamped right now. Some of the advice for the other site applies to you as well though, so read and pick out things you can improve from the previous lists too.

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                          seoservicepro Ranger

                          Starting with SEO


                          Your title tag on the main page is <title>Lewis's Boutique</title> and it's useless. It will help you rank for that term and if anyone is searching for Lewis's Boutique, they'll find you. But then again, if they already knew who you were they would need to. Why not "New Used Men's Women's Clothing"? You need a unique title for each page that reflects what is on that page.


                          Your description tag is "Lewi's Boutique" the misspelling of your name this time. This is what appears in search engines under the title. It's where you have a chance to describe what is on that page and why people should visit. You need a unique description for each page that reflects what is on that page.


                          Since you have categories, brand pages, etc., look up canonical links. Implement them.


                          Do you have unique product descriptions or descriptions you borrowed from the manufacturer or someone else? It should be original content.


                          Do you have a blog? If not, use wordpress to add a blog to your site. Not that is not on your site. Install wordpress on your server. Blog about your products. Give people tips on how to find good deals on clothing, etc.


                          Build your social media profiles, Twitter, FB, Pinterest and maybe Instagram. Write good blog posts with good images and share them on social media.


                          Read my comment on this post Promote my bussiness to see how to improve your Google Presence

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                          Moderator Jim Ranger

                          Lots of great advice in this thread! Please keep it coming!



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                            whogotnextshow Adventurer

                            I would suggest putting a video on your website about 30 seconds or more in duration. Upload it to dailymotion and let me know I can get you sales and or just revenue even without making a sale. Let me know if you are interested.

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                              Your home page is like millions of other small business home pages in that it lacks several key on-page success components, the most important of which are:


                              1. A compelling headline. You only have a few seconds to get and keep the attention of first-time visitors. A headline tells people what's in it for them if they stay and see what your page is all about. Your business name and "Fashions Fade, Style Is Eternal - Yves Saint Laurent" are not headlines.
                              2. An "Only-One" advantage. How are you different from and better than your competition? Try completing this sentence, "We're the only ones that.." (provide, offer, deliver a compelling, meaningful benefit that your competitors don't).
                              3. Reason(s) to buy from you now. The most stubborn competitor of every business is inertia. Unless you give them powerful reasons to buy from you now, most people will put off buying from you and most other businesses. Try completing this sentence, "You should by from us now because.." (stock/selection is limited; back-to-school time is approaching; prices will be going up, etc.).


                              Other issues that need to be addressed and fixed:


                              • "Newsletter - Subscribe" - Why should I?
                              • Way too much motion - hard to read/decipher what your banners say.
                              • No text to warm up visitors as to who you are and what you have to offer.


                              Please don't waste time or money on SEO or PPC until you fix these and the other issues on your site.

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                                  hevora Adventurer

                                  Thanks for the feedback but where would you recommend I place this headline?



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                                      Moderator Rebecca Guide

                                      Hi hevora, I just wanted to follow up with you and see how your changes on your website were working.  Have you seen any increases in business yet?   You've received some great advice in this thread, and I certainly think that by making some of those simple changes you'd have more success.  Please let us know how things are going!


                                      Best of luck,


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                                          hevora Adventurer

                                          well, no. I'm afraid success eludes me. I have done many drastic changes to

                                          no avail. I'm sort of hopeless and feeling defeated at this point. I'm not

                                          sure what to do.



                                          On Wed, Aug 20, 2014 at 1:28 PM, Moderator Rebecca <

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                                              seoservicepro Ranger

                                              hevora, How can I help?

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                                                  hevora Adventurer

                                                  I wasn't completely honest I guess. I made 3 sales from 2 customers (1

                                                  repeat customer) since first posting on this forum. although a lot of

                                                  changes have been made, the return is very slow and almost non-existent. I

                                                  know my website has room for improvement mainly adding product descriptions

                                                  for about 600 products of which i started to do but have yet to complete.

                                                  it has been a very expensive endeavor already and am wondering if this will

                                                  really be the difference maker especially for what would be a very large

                                                  order and undertaking. I feel stupid for stating that since that's like 101

                                                  stuff - unique descriptions. What do you think? What's really stopping me

                                                  from making more sales. I have stopped my FB and Google campaign and still

                                                  getting a steady flow of traffic - 26 by 1 p.m. I was getting only 100

                                                  total visitors w/paid for ads. I have created many videos which are ranking

                                                  in first few pages of google some on page 1. I'm not sure if my pricing

                                                  strategy might be scaring away customers perhaps make things between

                                                  $20-$25 with free shipping for lower return on each item but more sales.

                                                  Also, I have captured some items from two suppliers which might be hurting

                                                  my sales as they retain supplier watermarks. So, as you can see I have a

                                                  few decisions to make. I guess i know what i have to do and i just have to

                                                  do it to know if will work or not because the traffic is still coming so i

                                                  guess people are interested in the product even if they aren't buying so

                                                  conversion might be the problem or is it more traffic? Like i said, after

                                                  adwords and fb ads is turned off, i've still managed to get 30 visitors to

                                                  the store by 1:30 p.m. which isn't a lot to begin with so maybe there's a

                                                  bigger problem or maybe product descriptions as SEO will attract more

                                                  customers from search engines?? Also,  I have yet to create product feeds

                                                  for Google shoppping, amazon, etc. I'm pretty the answer here will be to do

                                                  all these things and I will get more sales.





                                                  On Fri, Aug 22, 2014 at 1:09 PM, seoservicepro <

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                                                    hevora Adventurer

                                                    Let me know


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                                              Good: You have a popover that makes a reasonably good offer in exchange for an email address.

                                              Bad: The graphic is so hard to read (ALL CAPS in yellow over useless images), most people will close it!


                                              Advice: Lose the images on the popover and say something like:


                                              Join our VIP list and
                                              save 30% instantly
                                              on your purchase
                                              of $50 or more!

                                              Opt out at any time. No spam. We promise.


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                                              jaynorth Tracker

                                              Well it is for sure that it is going to take little more time to get your website promoted. Also adding substantial content can get the attention of its user. So improvise the condition & act accordingly.

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                                                crifjohnson Tracker

                                                Marketing is very important for the any website promotion. I would like to suggest that promote you website on social networking site like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. SEO is also very good campaign to improve the business online.

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                                                  Ray Higgins Adventurer

                                                  I noticed on your web site that you have a place to sign up for email.  That goes to a Mail Chimp account.  Does Mail Chimp allow you to invite the subscriber to choose what they are interested in?  Whether they are Male or Female?  Age group? etc?  If it does then modify your subscription page to allow folks to categorize themselves. Then I think Mail Chimp will allow you to send personal, specific email to each group.  If it doesn't then look at Constant Contact.  I can help you with that. 


                                                  How often do you send a broadcast email?  Every two weeks is a good industry standard. 


                                                  In your email do you include funny stories, interesting items, or some editorial that does something besides redundant sales information? You have a wide assortment of patterns.  Perhaps suggesting places to ware your products and what to ware them with might be just the right editorial information that will make your email interesting.


                                                  Just some thoughts.  I'm at:

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                                                    hevora Adventurer

                                                    I've made some programming,design changes. Have made 5 orders/200 usd since launch 3-4 months ago. Main concern is getting SEO on site as mentioned here. Have heard a few quotes as high as $500. Any feed back or SEO references on here?

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                                                        manidip Adventurer

                                                        Hey SEO is time taking but it has it's own benefits though that are long term. However, for SEO you can go to forums and read reviews and start with smaller packages. Then wait for 7-10 days.


                                                        But, I didn't see (extremely sorry if I missed this between quite a few conversions) you mention or anyone suggesting you to go by YouTube route. It's easy ranking than web pages or blog pages. Hope this helps. There are sites that also provides YouTube clicks for a small price up to $300 I think. You can try this also.


                                                        And finally, never settle. Go forward- Don't stop. You are already a rock star.


                                                        You are an entrepreneur....screw the ordinary life.

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                                                            Moderator Cath Guide

                                                            I like your attitude, manidip!  Your comment: " ....never settle.  Go forward - Don't stop.  You are already a rock star.  You are an entrepreneur....screw the ordinary life." should be a mantra for many of us!  So often we get bogged down in our daily (but necessary) work and forget to look at the big picture.


                                                            Thanks for the great reminder!