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    Hello Community!

    wagencon Newbie

      My LLC was formed on 4-25-2014. I signed up for this community today because I just received my BofA Business Accounts today, so don't shun me because I probably signed up faster than most of you lol (=


      Some areas of interest to me regarding business is establishing credit for my business - without having to use my personal social security number. I just received my D-U-N-S number yesterday and my business will be found on their site, but what else can I do to boost my business credit? Should I obtain Secured Business Credit Cards? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


      I hope you all have a BLAST on the 4th of July! I'll be on a boat in the Puget Sound (=


      Until then,

      A C Carpet Installations LLC

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          Moderator Cath Guide

          Welcome wagencon!


          Won't you take a few minutes and tell us more about your business?  Our community is filled with many different business owners and also, experts in many aspects of the business community.  We welcome questions and encourage anyone to join in and post when they feel inclined.


          I see you have some questions and would think that you should be getting some excellent advice soon.



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            retailmarketer Wayfarer

            Yes I would like to hear more about your business too.  Also have you read The Lean Start-Up?  It`s a pretty good book to read if you`re new to business or thinking about getting started.