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    Social Media and Small Business

    wgahlot Newbie

      How should a small business use social media to grow? What do you think? Do you have an opinion.

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          Moderator Ilona Ranger

          Good question wgahlot. You could make page for your business on some off the social media sites and invite your friends to share it with their friends, or you could advertise your page if you have the budget for it. I am sure we have many posters here that had/have experience with social media advertising and would be willing to share their wisdom.



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            Tony Leary Adventurer

            It depends on who your target market is. Create content that engages people. Ask questions, respond to all responses, create polls, provide content worth sharing.


            Talk as if it's directly to that one perfect customer, whether it's sharing advice or addressing a common question.


            Create a personality around your brand.


            Taking your profile picture of the sunset on the water, you can use images like those and put in a motivational quote and include your brand. Make it easy to share and people will share it.


            Write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.



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              chrismarklee Scout

              The first think I go to in a business forum is marketing. This is the key to success or failure. I am now using my Facebook Business Page  to share posts with my groups and friends. I share clever fun posts.They have a great image with them. You have 2 seconds to get attention. Facebook is a great way to promote your business to your target customers. Always remember people are on Facebook to play



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                nandakumarrkk Adventurer



                You can add all your clients in social media profile. Keep sharing interesting things of your products/offers/other specials which will motivate them to view your site to find whats new in it. But one important thing if your client is annoyed with your shares and posts, sure he would unlike/unfriend you from profile.


                Know what they want !

                Having fake friends & fakes like are really of no use. Its not going to work to improve your business in any way. When coming to social marketing it HARD to convert leads into sales. But once you start gaining customers, i would just say ball is in your court.

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                  AdSpark Wayfarer

                  Hi wgahlot,


                  To start with, I would use social media to engage with existing customers. Find out what social media platforms they use and learn how to use them. This takes time so I recommending finding one to start with and learn how to use it well before adding on additional ones. Once you are on, look for ways to engage them in conversations. Your goal here is to stay top-of-mind. You want them to keep remembering you and liking you.


                  Repurchase: Next I would then weave into those clever, engaging posts reminders to purchase again.


                  Widen your marketing audience: And then to help spread the word to others. For instance if you are on Facebook, you can develop a flyer into a .jpg, with an announcement, special offer or something you think people would be willing to forward on. Then ask your current social media fans to forward that .jpg on. Facebook will let you see how many times that flyer gets forwarded so you can see the impact. That flyer should encourage people to not only purchase from you but just as importantly, to "like" your page.


                  Encourage first-time purchases: With your now larger marketing audience, continue to post for engagement, show that you are the best choice for them, and encourage first-time purchases.


                  Widen your influencers: Who are the people who can convince others to purchase from you? They can be some of your best customers, bloggers and more. Find out who those people are and encourage them to "like" your page and engage with you and learn why you are the best choice and why they should tell others.


                  Those are some initial thoughts. Best of luck to you!


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                    cpajoe Scout

                    wgahlot, Since you are in the advertising, marketing, public relations business I'm sure you can take your existing knowledge and adapt it to the social media environment with a minimal learning curve. Are you looking to hold yourself out as a social media expert, or use social media to promote your existing advertising, marketing and public relations business? The top sites I would consider are linkedin, twitter, facebook and google plus. However, if your client base is in a narrowly defined market, then I would look for social media sites that people in those industries use.


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                      Henry Scout

                      Social media is a good way to expose your business. First, you have to identify your target audience. When you already identify your target audience, make a unique post. It could be about your business, video or image. It should be useful to you and to your target audience.

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                        Moderator Rebecca Guide

                        Hi wgahlot, you've already received some great information, and I would encourage you to browse some of our expert articles on this subject for some more insight on how small businesses can use social media.  Have you taken a look at these articles?  Making A Good Impression: Tips for managing your online reputation, Leveling the Playing Field: Marketing Effectiveness , and Five Blog Platforms for Small Business Owners?  Our experts have detailed some great ways to use social media to grow your business, and I think you would find them helpful.


                        Please feel free to let us know any questions you might still have, and we'll be glad to assist!