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    How to get vendors or manufacturers

    justjazz Wayfarer

      I want to have my own online boutique. I want to sell lingerie, women's clothing, shoes, jewelry, and scents. I am wondering how do i get started. I need vendors i want a manufacturer with quality items but also decent prices. I need to find out how much exactly do i need upfront and who helps with investments in these sort of things. I want to be successful but I am also aware that i do not have all of the funds maybe needed to start off and acquire revenue i have the work ethic and the ideas of how to market this.

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          Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new business adventure, just jazz.


          A. Do some research. Take a look around and check out your competition. See what you can do better and be unique.

          B. Check out your shipping options. Decide if you will be global or stay in the US.

          C. Do some research for local and international manufactures.

          D. Write a business plan. Building Your Business Plan   Don't really worry about writing a perfect one. The numbers and ideas will change as you move through the motions.

          E. Get a really good accountant (one that will be able to help you out in all aspects and will grow with you). They can help you with licensing, regulations, look at your finances, help review your business plan, give advice on how to get funding that you will need for your business. We also have a great business module to help you with deciding which avenue to procure your funding.How to Raise Capital

          F. Decide what kind of a webpage you would like and do some research. You might even consider contacting a professional designer to just get an idea.

          G. Marketing can be anywhere from distributing fliers around the neighborhood to Adwords on google.


          Of course, all of the things I mentioned depends on the funds you have allotted for your start up. You have a lot of wiggle room.


          Good luck and I know that we have members that can give you more great advice.



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            Moderator Cath Guide

            There are many excellent articles in our Discussions area.  These are written by people who have 'walked the walk' and are willing to share their expertise with us.  One of the contributors who shares sage advice is Steve Strauss.  You might begin with his article: 8 Ways to Market on a Shoestring.


            To get to the articles. look under the Browse button and click on Articles.  Then get ready to take notes and become much better informed.



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              sourcingguy Newbie



              My name is Warren. I know how you feel. What I can say is I would be more than happy to help and talk about your needs. Sourcing and finding the right vendor that you can trust is the key to success.


              I just joined the site. I have been a procurement and purchasing leader at major companies for over 16 years helping marketers find great suppliers. In my last job, my team sourced over 10 mil of merchandise overseas and with many very good providers. I have decided to try to use my experience to make connections for people like yourself to save money and avoid the middle man.


              I would be more than happy to share some ideas. On the clothing front it starts with just having some basic specs. Your design targets a few visuals and specs. Within 3 days or so you can get back some ideas and potential costs from trusted sources, then they can get you sample costs etc. If it meets your needs, the process continues.


              Again, I would be more than happy to share my personal experiences. It may seem a bit complicated on the surface, but once you get a trusted partner the process becomes easier.

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                Nelson Redmon Adventurer

                I am in the manufacuring of apparel field. We have many closed circles and open loops, I guess you can say we network very well. Are you currently looking for an Apparel manufacure?

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                  Nicole McTeer Wayfarer

                  The best way to find manufacturers/vendors that are reputable and have the product you want to sell is to attend the industry trade shows.  If you have your business entity set up and have your business license and or reseller license attendance to the shows are free and you can get a discount on hotels.  ILS and CURVE Expo are excellent shows to attend, they are both held twice a year in Vegas for ILS and Vegas and New York for Curve.   Also, do your research, check out the industry blogs and trade mags/journals.  Learn everything you can.  Good Luck.

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                      Moderator Rebecca Guide

                      This is some great advice for an aspiring designer looking for legitimate and reputable manufacturers, Nicole!  I agree that industry blogs and trade journals can be a valuable source of ideas and  information.  Once you've decided the general direction you want to go in, attending a trade show would be a great next step.  Are these industry trade shows and expos open to the general public? 


                      Thanks for contributing your experience and advice!


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                          Nicole McTeer Wayfarer

                          HI Rebecca,  the CurveExpo is only open to B2B industry people, ILS states qualified buyers and vendors. The Lingerie Journal is a great starting point to find other trade shows and information on vendors, manufacturers and other resources.  I started my business last year and so far everyone I've encountered has been very helpful and very willing to help and offer advice.