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    Website help

    Paul S. Robinson Photography Wayfarer

      My website is not showing up on goole searches until about 10 to 12 pages of search results. Also the average visit to my website is less than two minutes in duration. Can any one tell me what is wrong with my website so I can fix the problems?

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          Tim Jacquet Adventurer

          You need to hire a SEO company to assist you in optimizing your website. Additionally, you need a blog and blog at least twice a week - good articles about your industry and get you a youtube, facebook, google+ and twitter page.

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            Moderator Berta Guide

            Hi Paul, welcome to the community. I agree that having a blog and/or social media pages (facebook, twitter, youtube) would all help to increase your ranking in searches. As well as having an SEO to help you get more traffic to your website.


            Does anyone else have any suggestions for Paul?



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                Paul S. Robinson Photography Wayfarer

                I have hired an SEO firm and all they did was take my money and ruined my web presence and page ranking so I am very reluctant to hire another SEO company. I have a face book pages that I use quite heavily to promote my business. My request was for someone to visit my website and give their honest opinion and perhaps recommend improvements.

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                    Tim Jacquet Adventurer

                    I totally understand about SEO Firms.


                    1. You need a redesign website. Since you have godaddy use one of wordpress templates to get you a new look or hire them to make you a new template.


                    2. You need to host the photo on the domain you want credit. Every thing on one site.


                    3. You need to be listed in the local directories like yelps or you can go to yexts to get list.


                    4. You need to blog twice a week..


                    5. You need to install Alexa on your website. Godaddy has a easy SEO do it yourself for $35 a year.


                    6. Get PEOPLE and CLIENTS to write excellent reviews and join the BBB. Review is going to get you moving as well as a blog and BBB is a excellent back link.

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                      Nick Adventurer

                      @Paul , can you share your SEO firm details ?

                      Also if you need i can assist you with a SEO firm which gives good results , i am using that firm from last 1 year and my small finance related website is having good results ...

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                        jaynorth Tracker

                        Don't go for SEO company. Go for web solution providers. A lot of SEO companies takes without any result. SEO is more now online marketing and branding.


                        For your website search try out sitemaps and submit to Google. For visits you need to make your website downloading fast and get some redesign too.


                        Try GMR Web Team.

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                      Hi Paul,


                      I took the liberty to view your web page. I know exactly why the average visit to your site is 2 minutes. It's not working properly. It takes about 2 minutes for all of your pictures to load! I lost interest instantly! Not to mention, when I clicked on the wedding pictures tab it not only took forever to load your gorgeous images the return to the home page didn't happen! I viewed your candid video section. Lost interest immediately. It took forever to load. You have one testimonial write up, your site map section lists the rest of your web page options (no map), and again I can not get back to your home page from any other tab. I will be honest with you, your homepage is about you the owner. I believe anyone looking for a great photographer cares about your talent as a photographer. Your images should speak for themselves! You have gorgeous pictures! That should be your first page. Wow everyone with your talent! I would reconsider your web page design totally. Talk to your technician and fix the technical glitches first. Place your "about us" info listed on your homepage last. Then worry about marketing this great site of yours.


                      Just to give you a little back ground of my experience. I own an architectural company. When we had our website this is the same advice we were given because most of our clients were interested in how beautiful our designs were/are. Our fist page featured our best designs with added pages for different projects. We had so many clients respond to our site that after a few years we no longer needed the site to attract more clients. We work strictly off of word of mouth now.


                      Good luck to you and let us know how you and your company are doing. Best of luck for a prosperous new year!



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                        Rahul Alim Adventurer

                        I agree with Apple Capital Grp.  All those points are great points.   I am not sure about the GoDaddy $35 product but i would not expect a return from it.  SEO is more complicated than a subscription to a automated software.


                        Cookie cutter templates may not be the right solution for you (or anyone anymore).  Users are much more advanced now and expect a great user experience.  You sell a service, your customers develop a relationship with you through your website.  You have to build your site to tell your story and engage the audience with great content.  Engaging content make people want to navigate your website, stay on your site longer and funnel them into an inquiry to hire you. 


                        Look at other photographer sites or artist for inspiration. 


                        Moving on wordpress will help with SEO as well.  YOu can install Yoast plug and manage your meta data. 


                        Blogging regularly will help, using social media in your industry would really help a lot.  Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, G+.  All these are great sites with lots of users. 


                        You can always run a PPC campaign locally and set budgets and track results anytime you want to. 


                        We help customers with SEO campaigns, PPC, PR, Blogging, and implementing email marketing if you need any advise or help.


                        Summary of things to do:

                        Move your website to WordPress - chances are you will have to hire someone to do it.

                        Blog Often as you can.

                        Implement Stories / Case Studies of events you've done

                        Post Testimonials
                        Get your customers to give you testimonials on Yelp, G+, BBB and other reivew websites

                        Guest Blog for a photographer blog in your field.
                        Post to Social Media - People love images.


                        USE your other website,


                        Your current site you mentioned here has many empty pages which is not a good user experience.







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                          the optician Newbie

                          Hi Paul,


                          I took a look at your website which is a low cost template option and doesn't look overly professional. This opinion is also confirmed by the many visitors whom are viewing your website and leaving straight away as you stated. They also might not like the look of it.

                          We all use websites nowadays and can recognise companies that have invested time and money in their online presence. Customers will be of the opinion that if you take a low cost option with your own business then you may  supply a similar low cost service. I'm not saying that's true of yourself at all, just how it will be perceived. As a fellow business owner it's meant sincerely and with constructive criticism.


                          Invest a minimum $500 in a new website with good design, clear navigation and strong 'calls to action'. Best way to do this is to search out similar websites in your industry, typically the ones on the 1st pages of Google with strong design and take a note of the companies who designed them.

                          Then contact the companies for website design cost. Invest some money in a new website design and even with basic onsite optimisation, you will see a significant increase in leads generated and therefore revenue. Any costs will be quickly recuperated.


                          Here is my own website which has had significant time and money invested and pays off I can assure you:

                          Cheap Prescription Glasses, Spectacles, Designer Glasses - Online Opticians UK


                          I hope I have been of help.