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    Invisible Writing

    LUCKIEST Guide

      You write a great Sales Letter and get lots of compliments.


      But you want SALES. You need INVISIBILITY.

      The idea is to call attention to the message, not the writing or the writer.

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          Interesting topic, Luckiest. I know that when we write our letters we use a lot of color and images to catch the persons eye first. Then we are careful to include key words that stand out to make sure we get our point across.


          What other great ways can any of you suggest to help us clinch that sale?



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            koln123 Tracker

            Yes, call your customer or target market's attention to the message.   Though in general, the more you have identified specific customer needs, the more likely they will be interested in your message and respond.   While broad categories are fairly clear in most industries, customers often have a variety of specific needs within broad categories that are hot buttons for them and they are interested in. 


            For example, a local dentist could do a general marketing campaign for new customers.  However, the dentist may have determined that many prospective new clients with damaged credit might be interested in his services, but will not respond to a more general message if they think they cannot get dental care financing. 


            The dentist can advertise this specific need to existing and prospective customers through venues that specialize in damaged credit financing.  That message is much more specific to a need and may have a substantially better response.  SBLD

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              Uncle Leon Tracker

              CALL TO ACTION !!! - - - The most important part of the sales letter.  Having a reason to call or come by NOW !


              This may be stated as a limited amount available, a sale soon to expire, etc.


              There's little point in convincing someone that they want something, if they take time to allow other thigs to distract them from taking immediate action.


              "Be-backs" or "Think-about-its".cost more sales than "No's"  (Of course,  "Be-backs" or "Think-about-its" IS a no..)