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    starting my kids clothing line

    geaa Wayfarer

      Am looking to start my own kids clothing line, i have all my ideas but need help finding a good and reliable manufacturer in india and china. and i also want manufacturers with 100% cotton.

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome geaa. Tell us more.

          How soon do you plan on starting your own kids clothing line??

          Do you have the funding needed??

          How about a business plan. The business plan is MOST important.


          Good luck, LUCKIEST

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            Tran Nguyen Tracker

            Hi Geaa,


            Congratulation on starting your business.


            Manufacturers are rather difficult to come by in the textile industry (clothes and fabric) as they are rather monopolized and you will need bulk orders in order to keep the price at a reasonable rate (see my blog on bulk order).


            As for recommendations on producers -- it might be good to simply reach out to larger distributors like Alpha T-Shirt Company or Gideon as they would have a good source & reliable producer already. While being much larger than you -- most companies are willing to answer questions and help out with information if you reach out to them.


            As an accountant, I would recommend securing funding prior to moving forward as things will quickly accelerate and you could find yourself looking for more funding rather than growing your business. On that note, I suggest securing a line of credit instead of a loan.


            Also, consider calling up other children clothes manufacturers and see who is their current provider -- a lot of small business owners are more than happy to assist you with the hope of gaining your referrals later on.


            I hope this helps!


            Best Regards,

            Tran Nguyen


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              Welcome to the forum, Geaa and congratulations on your new business adventure.


              You received some good advice so far. I know that this question has been raised on this forum before and we had some great responses. Take a look at a few of our previous posts and you could receive some other answers to your questions.

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              As far as funding is concerned, you might want to take a look at our business module to help you decide how and from whom you will procure your funds. How to Raise Capital


              Good luck and keep us posted!