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    how to start a towing business?

    ediamond Wayfarer

      Hi im a 26 year old soon to be entraupunour . I have a few questions if anyone could help, Id lime to start a towing business and was looking for some info about how to start this type of business.  Such as how do you associate your self with auto clubs and Insurance compaines? Any information would be appreciated on this topic or anything related.  Thanks

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome Eyal and the best of luck in your new venture.

          My first suggestion would be a WRITTEN Business Plan.

          The Bus Plan is like a roadmap to success.

          To associate yourself with auto clubs and insurance companies takes time and patients.

          Let them get to know you and the goals of your company.

          Maybe support a cause (like a food bank or homeless) and use that

          as a key to getting closer to the clubs.


          Good luck in 2014, and happy holidays.



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            Hi Eyal,


            Congrats on your future business. If you are looking for info. on how to write a great business plan check this link out :Building Your Business Plan


            You may also look into getting a great accountant. One that will grow with your needs. A great accountant can make or break your business.


            Marketing is important to get your name out there. I have seen many tow trucks and company cars (can be your own personal vehicle) with advertising logos to help market the company. The local yellow pages and on-line yellow pages is very important to your company. Also try to have your company connected to AAA service. That would be the best for you. Check on-line. The internet is a very powerful tool to use for marketing.


            Happy Holidays to you and your family!



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              imarketubest Adventurer

              Eyal: this is a sincere response and not as a detractor nor talking down to you.


              The first thing you need to do or have is properly constructed American English documents, flyers/specials, and/or web presence.

              Your Ad has many grammatical errors and this BOA system even has a spell checker so it is either your youth or you are not Net Literate else your inquiry would look more cleaner, not necessarily has to be "professional".

              I realize a Tow Truck service doesn't require a college degree but you still need to deal with Businesses like Insurance Companies who give out work mainly to national companies <liability issues, presume you have a tow-truck and all necessary commercial insurance>.


              I suggest you start by sub-contracting with other larger tow outfits who have plenty of work and normally would not need a one man band but if you constructed a marketing flyer/case such as you will do small jobs they don't want (short trips) or have time for, or under some emergencies, hurricanes etc - they can call on you - you bill them not the client. There are lots of ways to get business but you start small as you are small and nothing wrong with being a small business.


              If you want more help, contact me directly as it is way too much for a reply system like this.

              I know someone who is in the one man band tow business and doing quite well mind you.


              Then there is Networking using social networks.


              Best of the New Year.