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    New Customer Engagement Tool - Free Test-drive

    mishootka Wayfarer



      We are a software development company, and we are currently working on a powerful online analytic tool for small businesses. In a nutshell this service allows managers to effectively process customer feedback on their business in real time, and make quick adjustments to maximize their potential in the market. The service will be extremely useful for businesses with physical location i.e. restaurants, beauty salons, etc.


      We are offering a free trial of our service for a limited time. No commitment/contracts, no payment needed.  Please ping me for more details, if interested:


      Thank you.

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          Moderator Berta Guide

          Hi Andrew, welcome to the community!


          That sounds like a fantastic tool! Keeping up with customer feedback in real time could be very beneficial for companies. Have you had anyone give you feedback on the product yet?



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              mishootka Wayfarer

              Hi Berta,


              Yes, we have demonstrated our service to a group of experts, and we got a very positive feedback. The project is undergoing the final testing, and we would like to try it in real world situations. So we could refine the details, and make it as close to our customers needs as we can.


              The launch is scheduled for early January, and there will be no free subscription then.



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              mishootka Wayfarer

              Let me talk about our service a little more. The Idea behind this service is simple: to connect customers and managers with a quick and hassle-free link.


              Remember when you go to the restaurant, food and everything is fine, but there's one thing that really bothers you. It's not enough to call the manager about, and start complaining, but that may mean next time you will prefer another place. What if you had a simple way to send a quick anonymous message to the manager from your cellphone? Just to give a hint that something is not right in this place. That would give you a nice outlet, and more important, that would give the manager very valuable information about his or her restaurant that something needs improving, and therefore possibly would increase sales.


              Now back to the service. It allows managers to create mobile-friendly interactive forms. No technical skills necessary, it is pretty much like working with office documents. After the page has been created, it is linked to a QR code that will direct people to this page. The image of the code needs to be placed somewhere visible for customers (like on flyers, specials menus, etc.) where the code can easily be scanned, and the survey viewed and completed.


              And finally, the website also has a report feature, where managers can collect all the feedback coming from that survey, analyse it, improve their businesses, and live a better life.


              The deployment needs almost nothing: just to print a bunch of QR codes, and put them next to the specials menu, or similar. If you are interested, I can grant you access to our service to try it out.

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                transcribe Scout

                I am looking forward to know more about this tool. Customer engagement matters because a loyal customer is an engaged customer. Business owners are trying different strategies to keep the customers engaged and to influence visitor behavior on their websites. For this, they  use mediums like blogs, newsletters and videos to increase loyalty.