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    Help Finding a Clothing Manufacture

    dominic Wayfarer

      Hi I am new to this community and needed some help finding someone to produce a whole line of clothing. mostly shirts, hoodies, and jeans to start as of now. Very serious and plan to be large scale. I am not able to do very large quantity orders at the moment but if someone was willing to work with me that would be great.  If anyone had some suggestions that would be very helpful. thank you and hopefully will be talking to some of you

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          Moderator Naoko Adventurer

          Hello Dominic. 

          Welcome to the community!

          I found this article very interesting about finding manufacturers.

          Bringing It Home: New ways to find domestic manufacturers


          Please feel free to browse our discussion board.

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          I wish you the best of luck.



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            Kathleen F. Adventurer

            I read recent research on giving advice to people depending on their outlook and I don't know which type you are -a glass half full or a glass half empty type.


            Business wise (with over 3 decades of experience in apparel manufacturing), I'm a glass half empty. I want to know anything that can possibly go wrong so I can plan for it. Maybe that is you too, I don't know. (Personal wise, I'm very much an optimist.)


            In that light I would tell you that this is the worst time of year to locate services so it would be terrible if you became discouraged over something so simple as timing. In the industry, we are all working hard on getting product launches together for January wholesale markets; that is the biggest market of the year and will make or break us in the coming year. As a start up, it will be difficult to find help because anyone who is any good will be committed from now until February.


            This doesn't mean you can't move forward on your plans -not at all- just that you may be frustrated that providers don't respond in a timely way -if at all at this time of year. Instead, now would be a good time to do preliminary sourcing of materials, firming up your product line, doing research with respect to sales, fundraising for your launch and all of that. And last but not least, digging a little deeper with respect to your own education. Obviously you have done some of that but it might be better to seek advice in apparel industry circles rather than general business ones.


            The reason most people fail is that they read the list of things they need to do but they pick and choose which they want to do as tho it were some sort of laundry list of options. It's not. It's closer to a recipe. If you want to bake bread but have never done it before, you'd better use all the ingredients listed even if you don't know how important it is. Sure you know to add yeast but maybe you skip the sugar because you don't like it or think its evil -your bread won't rise because yeast needs something to eat (sugar). After you've gained some experience baking bread, then you can play with the ingredients. This is no different from apparel. After you've launched a series of products successfully, only then can you pick from the laundry list to omit or add activity items.


            All that said, I think this is a great business to be in and if you do things right, it can practically be a license to print money. Again, I advise seeking education in apparel circles rather than general business ones.