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    Are you preparing?


      According to todays "Wall Street Journal" the government shutdown and debt-ceiling fight caused a slow down in the economy, but no one is quit sure to what extent. Two thirds of the economy output is from consumerism. Consumer sentiment is at a low because of the possibility of a repeat performance in the near future. This could have devastating effects on not only the holiday shopping season but on next years economic forecast.


      Personally, our business has not been effected as much as we thought it would have. This could be in part because of the line of business we are in (architecture). Most of our projects are long term and already in motion. But, it does not mean that our future will not be effected. We are preparing for the worst to come. 


      Have you noticed any consumption changes when it came to your business? If so, how much? What are you doing to prepare your business for this possible repeat?