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    Clothing Manufacturer

    chandu9 Adventurer

      if you looking clothing manufacturers you need to find out at first well reputed company in Bangladesh, China, India or Pakistan because they can offer you cheap price clothing, then you have to send them your sketch, quantity, measurement, fabrics name/contraction, your label design, hand tag design, if have print, embroidery then please send your print or embroidery design/picture. Then they will quote for you free. if you think the price is okay then they will made sample for you for check quality if you think the product quality is okay then you can start work with them. but don't forget to check the website rank like this one best luck.

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          Hi Chandu9,


          Thank you for posting that valuable information. I am sure that many of our members will use it to their advantage. Please browse our forum and offer your business experience where you see fit.


          Could you tell us a little about yourself? Are you in the manufacturing business? Where are you located and how long have you been in business? Is this your website?



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              BASIT YOSUF Wayfarer

              Hi All,


              I agree with Chandu9. But pls allow me to add couple of few small points to catalyze the process a little more.


              It is always feasible to work directly with the manufacturers. Countries like Bangladesh, China, India & Pakistan can further be categorized as in Bangladesh you can get good prices as the laborers are cheapest than other countries. Pakistan & India can provide you best quality cotton as these countries grow one of the finest quality cotton of the world and if you are looking for man made fibers indeed china is the best and cheapest as well in man made fibers.


              Bangladesh & Pakistan are not too much computerized yet, therefore, you can still find lots of excellent manufacturing units without websites as well, I have also experienced that most of the good and excellent units are even NOT capable with the terminologies of how to export, customs forwarding & shipping n logistics. I have been performing lectures to various Bangladeshi units on how to export.


              I myself is running a small contracted unit in Bangladesh & Pakistan and enjoying their courtesy a lot.


              Need my assistance get me on or


              Cheers to all,

              Basit @ FYB

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                chandu9 Adventurer

                Hi Melinda

                thanks for your feedback i am from US and it's not in my business i just collect some product from them but i am so satisfy with the company product and quality the company from Bangladesh i buy 5000 pieces t-shirt from the company i get free 500 pieces t-shirt from the company please check the company website