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    Sense of entitlement.


      What is it with the lack of hard work syndrome? Gone is the generation of hard workers and great achievers. I was always raised with a work ethic. My parents repeatedly expressed how hard it is to get anywhere without working hard for it. To this day, I look for the same ambitions as I was raised with. I am also raising my children with the same work ethics as my own. Bottom line is, I am finding it hard to hire youth with the same beliefs. Is generation Y destined to change the work culture for good?

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          AngelBiz Tracker

          Melinda - You have hit upon a very interesting point. I do agree with you. The generation that had hard working attitude ingrained is not passed to the current Gen Y. May be they have not gone through same struggle that previous generation went through. Would love to hear other viewpoints, particularly from Gen Y.

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              I am glad that I am not the only one to see this change. I too would love to hear the Gen. Y on this view.  After all we are all here to help one another get ahead and benefit from each others experiences.


              I am constantly seeing articles and news blurbs about "not enough pay" for menial positions that pay minimum wage. I too started at the bottom earning minimum wage and worked hard to make my way up the ladder. That is how I put myself through college.


              Someone please explain to me how one can possibly hope to start at the top or even the middle, earning that expected pay without experience?