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    Reputation Management for Job Seekers

    reputation Adventurer

      For those seeking employment, reputation management is generally towards the end of the list of priorities. Especially in these tough economic times, when the source of your next paycheck can be uncertain, job seekers need to be cognizant of their public presence and have at least a basic reputation management plan in place.


      An increasingly common practice amongst employers  is to screen candidates with an internet search to see what comes up. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some control over the information a prospective employer locates? Of course it would. With that aim in mind, reputation management practices can ensure that a positive image is reflected in top search results. This small detail can mean the difference between a career and unemployment. Sadly, despite the importance of reputation management, many people do not recognize it as a pressing need.


      The impression you make on others can make or break an interview, a meeting, or even a first date. What this tells us is that impressions are fragile and easily influenced by multiple factors. In contemplating what type of impression you want to make, it is essential to keep in mind some basic reputation management concepts. Putting your best foot forward is crucial to attaining success; therefore, keeping a strong grasp of your desired online impression is an important step in determining your career future.


      It can be beneficial for those seeking employment to consult a respected reputation management company to determine if there are any immediate concerns. Searching your own name before embarking upon a job search can provide some valuable starting information as to the existing information circling the internet about your personal life. If it is preferred that this information stays private and under the radar of common knowledge, it may be a wise decision to meet with a professional to discuss how reputation management solutions can help.

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          Hi Reputation,


          Thank you for bringing this information to our attention. I can't tell you how important this information is to the future generation. None of them seem to be too concerned with how they are being viewed on the internet and what kind of a presence they have. Many people seem to think that employers do not google when considering a candidate for a position. The internet is an extremely powerful tool that can make or break anyones reputation (whether you are a company or individual) with the click of one button. Many also believe that what they post will remain private just because they posted it to family and friends. The worst part about all of this is that many people won't know why specifically they didn't get a position simply because the future employer won't tell them why.


          Could you please tell us a little bit more about what it is that your company can do and how it works? I find this information to be very interesting and very new.



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              reputation Adventurer

              Hi Melinda,


              Thanks for the prompt response. The internet is becoming the number one place for people to conduct due diligence on each other and businesses. Our company, offers several different options for business owners and individuals who are looking to either create a positive presence for themselves online or fix an existing issue they may have.


              We offer customized branding packages in which our journalists collect information on the individual or business and then our reputation advisors work to disseminate this information in a search engine friendly format to create a professional and positive image online.  We work hand in hand with different press agencies, social media sites and prominent professional blog networks to develop a positive image for our clients.


              We also offer monitoring solutions that help our clients keep track of what is being said about them online and address issues quickly before they become a viral problem.