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    Manufacturing company

    Bharat Batra Wayfarer

      Hi all,


      I have a small manufacturing company in India. We manufacture all types of clothes i.e for kids, ladies and gents. I want to expand my company. If any one is interested please contact. 

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          Hi Bharat,


          Welcome to the forum. Please feel free to peruse the forum and offer us your professional opinions where you see fit. We look forward to reading about your experiences.


          Tell us a little bit more about yourself and business. How long have you been in the manufacturing business? Where in India are you located? Do you have a website that we can view?



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            phanio Pioneer

            What specifically are you looking for? Do you want to expand in India or are you looking to import to the U.S.?

            Not sure how you can expend in India. But, here in the U.S., I would suggest a couple of things.


            First, there are all kinds of manufacturing trade associations and groups here in the U.S. You should look into these and maybe join a few with the goal of networking to either find partners to help you market and sale your goods here or to find distribution or retail outlets from other U.S. based companies that go to those groups when seeking additional products to push.


            Second, attend trade shows and fashion shows here in the U.S. Probably can do that in India as well.


            Lastly, open an online store both here and in India and sell you products that way.