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    Small Business Owner Twitter Chat: Owner and Employee Wellness

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      Twitter-Med.jpgOn July 25, we co-hosted a Twitter chat with small business experts Steve Strauss and Rieva Lesonsky to discuss the most recent Small Business Owner Report and to talk with small business owners about how they manage their own, and their employees’, well-being.


      We knew from the report that nine out of ten small business owners contribute in some meaningful way to their employees’ happiness, with flex work options and health/wellness programs topping the list of benefits offered. We also knew that small business owners cite work/life balance as a top source of stress.


      On the chat we learned some of the innovative ways these small business owners are managing that stress and helping employees do the same. Participating small business owners shared some great ideas about keeping employees happy, healthy and motivated. One innovative owner had walking meetings and bought sneakers for her employees who earn points for miles walked. They can turn in those points for perks of their choice. Other owners stock healthy snacks in the office to keep employees’ energy up.


      While small business owners are putting their employees’ well-being at the top of their priority list, they still struggle with taking care of themselves. Steve and Rieva coached this group on how to take time off while still maintaining their business.


      How do you manage your health, as well as the well-being of your employees? Continue the conversation on Twitter using #smallbizreport or write a comment below.


      For a complete transcript of the Twitter chat please click here .