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    A great story that could have been a disaster

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      Read on........


      Imagine you and your spouse and/or partner had a very nice small business.  Everything was going along just fine for years, with a glitch here and there, but nothing that couldn't be managed.  THEN your partner/spouse died, leaving you as the sole owner!  What would you do?


      Read: How Do They Do It? Q&A with single parent and sole proprietor Eustace Greaves Jr. to see how Eustace Greaves kept his business running and also became the only parent for his young daughter Ashley.  How was he able to juggle both large jobs?  Erin McDermott interviewed Mr. Greaves and then shared the interview with us.


      You will see the lessons Eustace learned and the mountains he had to scale to keep his business going and his family intact.  A great story, just in time for Father's Day!