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    Development of a new RV Park in Tallahassee, Florida 32311

    PapaGator Adventurer

      I am considering developing a very nice RV park in the Southeast part of Tallahassee, Florida 32311. I have the location with the existing lots that have old mobile homes on them. I can remove the old homes for the redevelopment to RV parking. They can be the best set ups with no back-ins required. They would be pull throughs with all the newest hookups. The entrance would be off the Capital Circle. I need financing for the purchase of the entrance and several other surrounding lots. This is something that will not require millions of dollars for build. It will be more eco friendly and have the best location for anyone coming to or passing through the Tallahassee, Florida 32311 area.  The area is growing with more apartments and businesses with no place to park their RVs. I see the need over the mobile home scenario. Lots can handle up to three per lot and total lots would be able to have at least 60 pads. They can all handle the biggest rvs and the utilities would be the best practice set ups. This is an idea that could be fundable without spending millions. I see it taking about 1.8 million to do all the necessary development and set ups. The income could hit $48,000 on the high end and at least be $24,000 on the low end. Who wouldn't want to help this business get started? There are more people getting into traveling in RVs than ever before. This would help to address that need in this part of the world.

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          Moderator Berta Guide

          That sounds like a great idea and undertaking PapGator! I wish you the best in your endeavor with it. Have you put together a business plan yet? What will it take to acquire the property in question? These questions & many more I'm sure will have to have answers before you can find the funding you will need.



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              PapaGator Adventurer

              As you can see I have been coming up with several ideas. The mobile home replacement just isn't working. I believe the dealers are not interested in multiple sales to one individual. I have checked with the local city officials and they have said because the zoning was requested for change back in 2005 it is now in the mode of Suburban which means if I can get the vacant lot the project can proceed forward for the RV park. The catch is owning a piece of property already in the CP designation. My properties back up to the very piece I need to buy. This seems to be a meant to be scenario. I can only hope so. I have filled out a proposal that I showed to the local SBA mentor at FAMU. I am concentrating on this one idea first.

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              YesYouCan Scout

              Like to suggest a great FREE resource from Entrepreneur Resources - - It is their Easy Business Plan.  It helps you develop your idea and match the resources you will need to sucessfully implement it using workbook, and computer assisted (or you can get "by hand" version) worksheets.


              Take a look - great resources for a start-up entrepreneur - and, everything on the site is FREE, It's a not-For Profit Corp. -nothing for sale, and there is no contact at all unless you request it.


              Disclosure - I am a Director in this Not-For Profit Corp. - but as I stated above, there is nothing for sale.  All information and literature is Free of charge.


              Dick Bendtzen, The Really Small Business Guy

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                  PapaGator Adventurer

                  Thanks for your input. My due diligence has been worked out to the point of waiting for financing. The plan will make money and it will not take both arms and legs to complete. My goal is to get the operation of the RV park up and running within a few months. I have to get the old mobile homes removed. There are a lot of materials to be recycled. Once the mobile homes are removed the next item is tree removal and tree trimming. The relandscaping of the existing lots into multiple RV pads follows with the utilities being upgraded with the proper hookups and the ease of pulling in and out of each pad. The plus is the utilities are city owned and provide the best water,sewer and electric facilities. No septic tanks and no well to worry about. This area is prime for this very improvement. The entrance lot on the Capital Circle and the alternate roads are maintained by the city of Tallahassee. This is the start of better things and if it gets going the next thing is to put a Captain D's restaurant on one side of the entrance. There is 395 feet on the Capital Circle. The entrance would be on one side and the restaurant on the other side. I am ready to work on all parts of this business. I need the financial backing.

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                  LessAccounting - Allan Branch Adventurer

                  Are your numbers correct...$48,000 income per year? Seems really low for a 1.8mil investment.


                  I'm not trying to be harsh, just trying to understand.


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