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    Wanting to Avoid the Pitfalls of Starting a New Business?

    Moderator Cath Guide

      Well Steve Strauss has 5 tips to ponder before starting your business: 5 Things You Need to Know about Starting a Business.


      Think about this:

      -you have had this dream about having your own business

      -you have saved up some money

      -you want to work for yourself

      -the dream is nudging and nudging

      So you think it is about time to jump in and make that dream a reality.  But do you have all your tools?  Read this article and use it as a guideline as your prepare to begin your business.


      Owning your own business CAN become a reality and a fulfillment of your dream.  But don't spend time correcting mistakes that can be corrected before implementation.


      Thanks to this valuable article, prospective business owners can start off on the right path.  Thanks, Steve!