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    Question about Opening a private Boba tea shop vs Lollicup Franchise shop

    Kyisos Newbie

      So the title basically says my question. I live in Southern Orange County, California. At a very younge age I was introduced to Lollicup Boba tea drinks. But i'd have to drive 25 minutes to Irvine to get Boba. With some research, a lot of the local students/younger crowd drive 25 mins just to go to Irvine to get Boba.


      1. I want to know at this econmy, would this be a good idea to try to start a business that will cost $65,000 to $150,000 total to open a Boba shop under Lollicup Franchise.

      2. IF the idea of opening the shop is a good idea. Do I open my own shop, or do I pay to be under Lollicup.


      I have a lot more information, but I don't want someone else to steal my idea as well.haha