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    Where to search to get a children's book reviewed?

    Libby Chase Newbie


      My name is Libby. My brother, Eddie Moore, the author and myself, the illustrator recently self-published a children's book. I was wondering if anyone new how to go about and get local reviews for the book. Like who you would contact on a on-line local newspaper. Please let me know your ideas.

      Thanks so much.

      Libby Chase

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          Hi Libby,


          Welcome to our forum. Great question.


          Most people turn to publishing companies to submit their material. Not sure why you would want a local newspaper. But the internet is a powerful tool to find information. Make sure you submit to several publishers at once (most will not accept your literature). Most publishers will contact you with reasons why they didn't accept your work and if needed you may then tweak your work to make it more marketable. Of course, all of this takes at least a year so, don't get discouraged.


          You may also choose to sell your book on line (since you did the "poor mans" publishing). There are many sites for this as well.  Good luck!