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    How Old is Too Old?

    Moderator Cath Guide

      And how young is too young to begin a new business?  Steve Strauss explains all in his latest article: When is the Best Time to Start a Small Business?.  We have all read the stories about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates beginning their entrepreneurships early in life.  And I'l sure you know of someone in your community who began even earlier than these two.  And let's not forget older people, like Col. Sanders.


      So when is the best time to start your business?  Is there a 'right' time?  Read this informative article and then let us know when you took your first step into beginning your small business.  Was it the right time?  Should you have begun sooner?  Or maybe waited a bit longer?  Let us hear from you.


      Thanks again, Steve, for your wise words.



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          Jim Peters Tracker

          I read somewhere 'If you didnt know your age, how old would you be.' So for me you are never too old. Business is not just about making money, it is a dream you wish to pursue. You can have this dream at any time and any age. If you execute it wisely when you start, then age will make no difference. There are a lot of other factors that will affect your decision to start a business, and age is not really one of them, unless you are too old weak and sick to do anything.

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            I don't think it is an age factor at all. I believe it has to do with the persons dreams, ambitions,  and attitudes toward the business world. I have seen 50 year olds fail as well as 18 year olds. The only thing that I see that may not be as much of a factor with business people who are older is the amount of "wasted" income. Older business people tend to be a little more "responsible". But that is indicative of the age and is a different topic all together.



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              koln123 Tracker

              Most of the reason will always be about a passion.  That passion is not solely a passion for doing a certain thing or working in an industry.   As one gets older, often the value of having built something and made it successful is appreciated at least as much as when one is younger.   The ups and downs and setbacks have a way of doing that.   There will never be an age that is too old.   A hobby in retirement could still turn into a small business that also generates some revenue.  A person's health still has some affect on these issues, but there will never be an age that is too old.  If someone has an idea later in live that they want to act on, those feelings are very closely related to aspirations and the hope of being able to accomplish something.   Those traits will never go away.  SBLD