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    Ready to Break Out of Your Status Quo in Your Business?

    Moderator Cath Guide

      Steve Strauss begins his latest article: How and Why to Market to Larger Businesses by telling a story of Jay.  Jay was doing well with his business until the recession hit.  All of a sudden many of his clients had to change their relationships with his business and cut back.  Of course this did not bode well with Jay and his business began to suffer.


      After some soul-searching he discovered a program: Business Matching.  Read Steve's article to get the bigger picture on Jay and how he turned his business around.


      Is your business suffering?  Would you like to increase your sales?  Are you ready to grow?  Steve points us to several good places to examine.


      Begin this new year with fresh goals and a larger focus -- after reading this article, let us know if it has impacted you and your business.....and how.  Are you willing to break out of your status quo?  Tell us about it.