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    I am looking to start my business

    jjbrown20 Newbie

      I am currently a incorporated small business and I am looking to start my business but have no access to funding. I have bad personal credit and have not been able to get any help. My business is incorporated as a employment agency but, we want to offer more, we are attempting to bring jobs to urban communities with a goal of 2000 jobs found or created by 2017. I really need help getting funding I believe if we found a investor we would be able to reach our goal. We are a active business plan and I am working with Lexington Law to restore my credit.

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          Hi jjbrown,


          Congratulations on your new business adventure and welcome to the forum.


          I am a little confused. Are you presently an up and running company or are you looking to start your company? Restoring your credit is a good start.


          If you are already an up and running company, many banks will fund you according to your business income (that is if you have any - many new start up companies are in the red for the first few years).


          If you are looking for an investor you must have a very good business plan and a great presentation to sell yourself. Investors look at how much they need to invest, what their rate of return will be, and how quickly they will receive that return. You must be able to sell yourself and company. Good luck!