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    Winterize Your Business?

    Moderator Cath Guide

      Ok, it's winter. And we hum along to "Winter Wonderland".  Many of us look forward to the cooler weather and even the white snow that falls and makes our communities look so beautiful.  But in many areas winter brings an entire set of issues or problems to confront.  We know what it takes to winterize our homes -- but winterize our business?  Have you EVEN thought about this?


      Steve Strauss opens up our eyes to some things to consider in his latest article: 4 Steps to Prepare Your Small Business for Winter Weather - 4 basic steps that we should take to keep our businesses running smoothly.  When you read the article you will think: why didn't I think of writing down these steps and share them with my employees?  They sound simple enough but ignoring them can be disastrous for any business.


      What do you do to winterize your business?  Or *do* you winterize?  Confess now - how many times has some winter-related problem risen it's icy head and you have smacked yourself for not being proactive?


      Write and let us know what actions you do to get ready for winter?  And if you are brave enough, tell us what action you wished you had taken to prevent the disaster that took place?