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    I have volunteered to run the volunteers!

    turningleaf Newbie

      I am a new member, and would love some guidance. I have volunteered to help at a local cooking school. The owner is a talented, wonderful woman with lots of giving in her heart. She runs her business, and has at least 20 hours or more weekly, dedicated to teaching kids in local schools to eat better, and learn how to cook healthy food. I see 'burn out 'in her future, if she can't organize her volunteers.These people will work at her school, and also out in the community promoting her school, as well as at the various schools in the area to gift their time teaching kids to cook. I have volunteered for the position to organize all of these people, and would guess that basic information including: someone getting hurt on the job, how to schedule the volunteers and possibly how to keep them motivated to stay and help... are the beginning questions I have. I also read a great piece on Marketing advice this morning on this site, that will help me greatly! Thanks to all that reply

        • I have volunteered to run the volunteers!
          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome. Volunteering is GREAT. I live in Rockland County N Y (near the Tappan Zee Bridge) and I do a lot of volunteering.

          Where are you and the cooking school located?? How can I help you??

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              LUCKIEST Guide

              continuing my last post,  According to a recent study by the American Psychological Association,

              one of the keys is to volunteer for unselfish motives. 

              The study is interesting in that they found those who volunteer strictly for their own satisfaction realized

              no health benefit compared to those who do not volunteer at all.

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                  LUCKIEST Guide

                  One of the things I keep learning is that the secret of being happy is doing things for other people..........

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                      Moderator Cath Guide

                      So true, Luckiest.  But as you have said in previous posts, search yourself for the motivation for volunteering first.  Surely living longer could be a good motivation.  But perhaps just doing something for others and expecting nothing more than being of assistance could be even more satisfying.


                      I have heard this called: paying it forward.  Call it whatever makes you feel best, but do something for someone else this week.  And if you are able, make your 'gift' quietly (anonymously).


                      Back to turningleaf's original post, it is great that you are thinking of volunteering your skills to help out in this cooking school.  Speak to the lady who owns/runs the school and ask her how you can be of most help to her.  And then let her guide you in the right direction.


                      Good luck!