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    Caring for our employees

    Moderator Cath Guide

      We want the very best for our employees, right?  And we want to feel as if we are caring for our employees in the very best way(s) possible, right?  The SBOC has a very informative article: How Small Business Owners Can Help Maintain the Wellness and Health of Employees that can give us some good ideas on how we can support and care for our employees.  The article goes on to say, "small business owners have a lot to gain by instituting best practices that can improve the health and wellness of employees, while increasing overall productivity and reducing health care costs".   This sounds like a win-win outcome for both employer and employees.


      After reading the article, share with us some insights you may have gotten from the article.  And what are you doing in your business to care for your employees?



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          alicenikolic Scout

          Great Article! It is very true that an employer must always be concerned for the company's employees. It is important to have a good relation and understanding between an employer and an employee.

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            moneytrack Scout

            Great information in the article.  My business is not yet to the point where I have employees, but it's always great to hear success stories about companies that treat their employees well.  Costco is famous for compensating their employees very well with money and other benefits.  It is great to see businesses like that become very successful!


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              lanna Wayfarer

              Glad that I read this article. Thanks for the info. I say, we should have open communication in the company. An employee should't be afraid to ask or suggest something to the boss. Advancement opportunities and benefits are also a great way to retain and show your employees that you care. Treat them the way you wanted your family to be treated by their boss. A happy work place always has productive employees.

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                Jim Peters Tracker

                It is very important to care for your employees as they are the biggest asset for most business. Forget the monetary benefits there are much simpler and cheaper ways to keep your employees happy.Understand their career needs and help them grow, Provide them with the opportunities they deserve. Give small bonuses. Appreciate and reward their good work, create a good favorable office environment with good facilities. Also be flexible to specific needs of employees

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                  raico Adventurer

                  Thanks for the share, caring for employees is a big factor to get the very best out of your employees. It could also help employers build a good business relationship. It also helps your employees gets motivated at work. A simple appreciation is a great way to motivate employee like just saying “you’re working very well” or “keep up the good job”. It will help you’re employees to do their job much better.  In my opinion employers should not forget even small details when working with employees because their business relies on employees productivity.