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    Deciding what to do

    Ming24 Newbie
      Hello everyone,

      I am an aspiring entreprenuer. I know that I will not be working for someone else for the rest of my life. I am always reading and researching how to start a business.In fact, I just completed an entreprenuership course and I am taking a business plan course at the university I am attending(I am a full-time student as well as a full-time emplyee). I am having trouble deciding what to do. First, I thought of a personal training gym for children ( I have an extensive background in fitness) but I am not sure if children is the route I want to take. I am currently researching how to start an ebay store. I have even looked into the restaurant business. Bottom line, I need to decide soon, so that I can begin teh wonderful journey of owning a business. Help!...what can I do to narrow things down?
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          CorpCons08 Ranger

          I admire you for being a full time student and a full time employee. I have done that for many years myself. The first thing you need to understand is, a business venture takes a lot of time and commitment. You sound like you have a full load already, are you sure now is the time to proceed with your plans? You also are bouncing around with ideas that are VERY different from one another. Usually when somebody is trying to narrow down their business choice, they are usually in the same industry realm. That leads me to believe that you need to do a little bit more research on each particular industry and decide which will (a) make you happy (b) make you money (c) be a business that you are going to understand and have some form of a background in. I am not saying any of this to be mean, I have worked with many young entrepreneurs; usually they have a bit more ambition than I am seeing from your first post.

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            intechspecial Ranger
            Welcome to the community!

            How about a business advisor?

            SCORE offers free business assistance.


            There is a ton of resources and support for you in your business venture.

            You might not always hear what you want to hear, but you will definitely hear what you need.
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              DomainDiva Ranger
              Get some paper and a pen/pencil.

              Start making a list of all your interests. Make another list of your PASSIONS. Then find your real passion and decide how you would use it to change the world.

              Ignore the people that don't like the idea, and especially the ones that say 'you can't do that' or 'that's impossible'.
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                slavaret Adventurer

                I think not wanting to work for someone else is what motivates most people to go into business for themselves and the reason why most businesses fail. It's the wrong motivation.


                I know. Been there myself. I never liked to work for someone else and always looked for a business opportunity but I did not find it until I finally found what I really like to do and a way to make money off of it.


                I now work longer hours than ever but I don't even think about it as work because I simply do what I enjoy doing. When people I meet ask me what I do for a living I say: "Not much, just sit in front of the computer all day" - which what it boils down to, but that's what pays the bills and more.
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                  guru2008 Wayfarer
                  What a Great question, sounds to me that your no stranger to hard work? first and foremost try to determine if you want "Work to Live" or "Live to Work" I've seen more Companies consume people.

                  1- Business Planning is everything make sure your business strategies are friendly to the way you want to live your life or are just short shots of Juice to see a good return.
                  2- Some of us delegate very well some not so well
                  3- You do need to keep you focus, I personally own 3-4 different businesses usually at one time and I loose focus on occassion.
                  4- You can never ever learn to much, this board is so interesting to me that It's got me working harder at work and thinking more clearly.

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                    Lighthouse24 Ranger

                    Ming24, you've received some great advice so far on how to discover your business "calling." It sounds like you're a hard worker who likes to make things happen -- so please don't become discouraged or frustrated with the time it takes to go through some of the "exercises" and planning that others have suggested.

                    There are business ideas everywhere. I'm guessing that many of us here can't read a newspaper or sit a public place without seeing at least a dozen needs that could be filled by an entrepreneur. But that's a "learned skill" and you have to "train" your brain to recognize opportunities like that. Did you ever notice how a mother can separate her child's cry from all the other noise -- or how as soon as you decide to buy a specific model of car, you start seeing them everywhere? We're all being hit with hundreds of business ideas every day, but until you write down and analyze your interests and passions, it's all just noise to you. Once you're focused, your subconscious will start to monitor the world around you and your brain will begin to see, hear, and grab the opportunities that are "right" for you.

                    Nature seems to put the same problem in front of us over and over until we learn the lesson we're supposed to learn from it (something we'll probably need in the next stage of our development). When we get "stuck" (in business or life) and can't seem to move forward, it's often because we're stubbornly insisting on doing something our way instead of the way it actually needs to be done. As I wrote in another post somewhere, if the recipe says "preheat the oven to 350 degrees and bake for 18 minutes," you can't toss the dough in a cold furnace, crank it up to 5,000 degrees, and get the same result in 42 seconds. I think by joining this community you've definitely started preheating the oven (hope so!) -- and that's a great start.

                    Best wishes!