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    Finding serious entrepreneurs...

    gkostecka Wayfarer

      Does anyone know of any legitimate resource for connecting to REAL entrepreneurs?  People that are serious about starting a small business.  All I seem to be able to find are MLM related websites trying to sell leads of people that want to invest $29.95 in a business that they somehow think will make them a million bucks!  Where in the world are the true entrepreneurs hiding??  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!



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          jonathan nzali Scout

          There are plenty of way to find, connect, and network with real entrepreneurs. However, I am not sure if you just want some blog/site or what?


          Could you give a little more details such as:

          For what fields, within what geographical area?

          Should these be established, seasonal, conventional, or serial entrepreneurs?

          For what motives?


          There are many different options. The ones I prefer are professional organizations.


          Remember: Real entrepreneurs do not hide around. However, they are also not the type to run errands on the web looking for connections unless if they are real beginners. Most devote considerable time and energy to R&D, Fundraising, and Applying ideas.


          Best regards...

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            ceoofwow Adventurer


            I started an organization back in 2007 for that same reason. It is called Women Obtaining Wealth but is open to both men and women. We have a facebook page and our official website is at Check it out