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    Mobile, land, VOIP phones...which to use?

    trich Scout

      I have my own opinions about which is best under which circumstances but am curious to hear other's opinions. Perhaps I have just never used a decent VOIP but I have yet to hear one that is as good as a land based phone. I am in sales and have a great need to have high quality conversations with prospects and clients. In general, I use cell phone for 'staying in touch' with people I know. I do some SKype calls again with people that already know me or for personal calls.THe land phone in my office is still the best when making a 'cold' or 'warm call' since it is still the best quality.


      The issue is when I am on the road and have the need to make 'cold' calls. I can't. I don't trust VOIP. Is there a better solution? It would be VERY helpful to be able to make those calls from my computer when on the road.